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Our heroes finally visit Mesagoza City and meet some new Paldean Pokemon in Horizons Episode 9 (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Pokemon Horizons episode 9 recap: Liko's Soul-Searching and start of Paldean adventures

Pokemon Horizons' ninth episode made strides in its overarching story, finally bringing our main cast of colorful characters to the Paldea region. The episode titled "Arrival in Paldea!" sees the Rising Volt Tacklers making their way through the storied region seen in the Scarlet and Violet games. Meanwhile, our protagonist Liko runs into a relationship snag with her Sprigatito.

All the while, small tidbits of information point to the larger mysteries of Pokemon Horizons, such as the whereabouts of the black Rayquaza, which escaped Roy's ancient Pokeball a few episodes back.


If Pokemon fans haven't caught the episode yet, there will be spoilers ahead.


What events transpired in Pokemon Horizons episode 9?


Our latest Pokemon Horizons episode begins not too far from where Episode 8 had concluded. Liko, Roy, and Dot have come to the realization that the Brave Asagi has arrived in the Paldea region, much like Friede and Captain Pikachu did at Episode 8's end.

Dot, revealed to be the Pokemon streamer Nidothing in the previous episode, realizes her clothes are starting to stink. She washes them as the rest of the Rising Volt Tacklers head into the region to enjoy some time in Mesagoza City while also attempting to seek answers surrounding the mysterious black Rayquaza.

As mentioned in previous episodes, the Rising Volt Tacklers were hired by Liko's family to protect her and bring her safely back to Paldea. Liko is aware of this but is struggling with the idea that her adventure is already over. She appears distant and preoccupied for much of the episode, trying to determine her next step and whether she wants to truly stay home in Paldea.


As Orla and Mollie go shopping, a group, including Liko, Friede, and Roy, head to Mesagoza City. Before heading on a bit of a shopping spree themselves, the trio encounters a man riding on his Cyclizar, who Friede and Roy apologize for standing in the way of.


During the jaunt through Mesagoza, Friede attempts to get in touch with Liko's father, who lives nearby. However, there is no answer, so the group decides to head to Liko's home for a visit. Back on the Brave Asagi, Dot finishes washing her Nidothing clothes and hangs them out to dry on one of the railings of the airship.

At the house, Liko reunites with her family's pet Fidough, showering it with love and affection as her father, Alex, emerges behind it. This show of appreciation makes Liko's Sprigatito somewhat jealous, and the Pokemon spends much of the episode keeping its trainer at a distance.


In addition to seeking advice from others regarding how to reconcile her relationship with Sprigatito, our Pokemon Horizons protagonist struggles with what she should do now that the Rising Volt Tacklers have brought her home to Paldea. Does she want to stay home, or should she continue her adventures and broaden her horizons?

Passing the Brave Asagi, Liko notices the Nidothing costume hanging out to dry on the deck. However, she doesn't believe her own eyes, remaining oblivious to Dot's secret identity as the popular Pokemon online personality. Liko decides to purchase some food for Sprigatito, but on the return trip home, she is robbed by a Lechonk.


Without her trusted Pokemon beside her, Liko has a tough time getting the food back from Lechonk, proving that wild Pocket Monsters can still be hazardous if a person doesn't have a creature to protect them. Fortunately, Sprigatito arrives on the scene and battles the Lechonk, beating it back with a Quick Attack.

The trainer and her Pokemon reconcile and return to Liko's home, where they regale Alex with stories of their adventures so far. Liko, after plenty of soul-searching during the day and the night before, makes it clear to her father that she wants to continue adventuring with the Rising Volt Tacklers, and Alex agrees that she should see the world.


Meanwhile, Friede speaks with Alex at length about the mysterious black Rayquaza that appeared back in Roy's hometown when the Explorers attacked. Alex remarks that while he doesn't know the full story behind the shiny Pokemon, he does believe that the mysterious Area Zero in Paldea may have some answers. He also suggests that his friend Brassius might have some leads.

On the back of Friede's Charizard, Liko, Sprigatito, and Friede set off to new adventures and to meet Brassius to get answers surrounding Area Zero and the rare Pokemon that he may have seen.

What awaits in Pokemon Horizons episode 10?


Although Episode 9 was packed with character development, particularly for Liko and Sprigatito, fans should be even more excited to see what awaits in Episode 10. In the preview provided, it appears that Liko will meet Nemona, a core character in the Scarlet and Violet games and ace trainer of Naranja Academy.

Brassius is also seen in the preview, and Liko and Roy also appear to be undertaking Brassius' gym leader challenge. In the games, trainers had to find multiple hidden Sunflora in the town of Artazon before battling Brassius for his gym badge. Brassius' Sudowoodo is also seen in the arena in the preview, suggesting a battle taking place.

With Liko finding the resolve to keep on continuing her adventures, it seems like she and Roy wish to undertake the Paldean gym circuit to improve their battling capabilities. However, a lot of mysteries still remain to be uncovered, and the enigmatic Area Zero of the Great Crater of Paldea looms over our heroes, as they take their next steps.


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