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Each sandwich in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet can provide different benefits (Image via Game Freak)

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: What are the various sandwich Meal Powers?

One of the most impressive quality-of-life changes in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is the picnic system. When trainers set a picnic table down in the wild, they can create various sandwiches that provide awesome benefits. Additionally, food items like sandwiches can be obtained through various stands and restaurants throughout Paldea.

Eating has plenty of benefits in the new Nintendo Switch titles, but it can be a little confusing as to what exactly each power does. The in-game tutorial only briefly touches on sandwich powers, and trainers may want to take a closer look at what each benefit does. Fortunately, the sandwich buffs aren't too complex, and once trainers know how they work, they can utilize the right sandwiches for their next picnic.


Analyzing each sandwich power in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet


Egg Power

Egg acquisition and hatching are made much easier with Egg Power (Image via Game Freak)

Obtaining eggs and hatching them operated quite differently in previous titles of the Pokemon franchise. However, the picnic mechanic of Scarlet and Violet has been a welcome change, and the Egg Power sandwich effect will definitely help aspiring breeders.

When this power is active, eggs will be easier to find during picnics, and existing eggs will hatch at an increased speed. If trainers make a meal with Sweet flavoring, they'll gain an extra 100 points toward their Egg Power.

Catching Power

Some Pokemon can be obtained easily via Catch Power (Image via Game Freak)

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have a huge number of creatures to capture, and not all of them are easy acquisitions. Although catching Pocket Monsters may seem easy at first, certain creatures are much tougher to acquire based on their level and whether they're a Legendary or Mythical species. However, catching elusive species becomes easier with the Catch Power buff.


Catch Power operates in a very simple way by improving the chance of capturing a Pokemon. Catch Power typically works on an elemental type basis, so if you're hunting for a specific creature and know its type, be sure to get the appropriate Catch Power buff for the job. Giving the dish a Sweet & Sour flavor will enhance this further.


Exp. Point Power

Exp. Point Power is invaluable for training your Pokemon (Image via Game Freak)

Training Pokemon has been made much easier in Scarlet and Violet, thanks to the full-team distribution of XP and features like auto-battling, but trainers may still need a little extra help.

This is where Exp. Point Power comes into play, as it increases the amount of experience gained after a battle for creatures in your party that match the corresponding elemental type. If players make their sandwich with Salty & Bitter flavor, they'll get an extra 100 points of Exp. Point Power.

Item Drop Power

A few extra items in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet can be a big help (Image via Game Freak)

Trainers in Paldea can acquire items through various sources, from purchasing them at Pokemon Centers to looting them after battles. Item Drop Power assists trainers with the latter, as it rewards them with more items after battles. These items are typically used to craft TMs at centers, making them invaluable for setting your team up with the best moves they can learn. To further enhance this power, trainers can try making a sandwich with Bitter flavoring.


Raid Power

Improve the item drops in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's raids with Raid Power (Image via Game Freak)

Tera Raid battles are an excellent way to collect items in Scarlet and Violet, especially those that sell at high prices. There are also items that drop which improve a Pocket Monsters' stats, making raids a very worthwhile activity.

With Raid Power, trainers can improve their rewards for completing Tera Raids by increasing the number of items received upon completion. If they enhance their sandwich with the flavor combo of Spicy and Sweet, trainers can intensify the Raid Power boost even more.

Title Power

Titles are an intriguing Pokemon customization option seen in Scarlet and Violet (Image via Game Freak)

Through their adventures in Paldea, trainers may notice that their own Pocket Monsters and those in the wild are capable of equipping marks and titles. These interesting little customizations add fanciful titles to the end of the species (e.g., Meowscarada the Great Friend). However, since trainers can find creatures with titles in the wild, it was only natural for Title Power to be included as a boost in some food items.


With Title Power, species that have equipped titles will be more likely to appear, which certainly makes hunting down specific titles much easier.

Sparkling Power

A shiny Psyduck appears in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Image via Game Freak)

Shiny hunting is one of the tougher activities in the Pokemon franchise, but it's certainly a rewarding endeavor when trainers snag a particularly rare specimen. Scarlet and Violet have made the process a bit easier, thanks to the Sparkling Power effect, which increases the chances that a shiny will appear.

If there's a certain shiny you just have to have, Sparkling Power is a surefire way to get it to pop up soon.

Humungo Power

This Houndoom is bigger than its own trainer (Image via u/Tytyvyllvs on Reddit)

While Pokemon may share a species, they have many qualities that set them apart, including their size. Some Pocket Monsters are much bigger than their counterparts even if they're part of the same species.

If trainers are hunting for larger creatures, they may want to activate Humungo Power, which will increase the chances of large creatures appearing. If they add Spicy flavoring to their sandwich, this effect will be even more prominent.


Teensy Power

Teensy Power lets the smaller Pokemon come out to play (Image via Game Freak)

Humungo Power increases the appearance of large Pocket Monsters, and Teensy Power does the exact opposite. While active, smaller individual creatures (like Applin) will appear more often. This can be improved by adding Sour flavoring to the sandwich. If you're hunting for a particularly small version of a Pokemon, Teensy Power should put you on the path to success.

Encounter Power

Hunting for Pokemon of specific types is made much easier with Encounter Power (Image via Game Freak)

With so many Pocket Monsters roaming Paldea, finding ones belonging to a certain elemental type can be tricky. Even if a specific creature is roaming an area, it can be mixed with several other species of different types.

By using Encounter Power, trainers can force the appearance of creatures with specific elemental types. They won't be the only ones that appear, but they'll be much more frequent in the environment after the power is activated.

For optimal results, trainers can make their sandwich Salty to get an extra 100 points towards the Encounter Power.

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