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Top 3 Eeveelutions in the Pokemon franchise

While Pokemon features countless beloved creatures, everyone has a few favorites, and people can argue forever about which is best. Being able to pick from a list of hundreds and claim a few as our own is one of the most important parts of the franchise.

Eevee is one of the most unique beings in the franchise due to its ability to evolve into multiple different forms. Most follow a single evolutionary line, but Eevee can take eight different forms depending on what it's exposed to. Out of these eight great forms, there are a few favorites.


Note: This article reflects the opinion of the writer and was determined by a variety of factors including competitive viability and aesthetic preference.

The best Eeveelutions in the Pokemon franchise


When Eevee was introduced in the first game, it had three possible evolutions. Five more have since been introduced, each with a different type, and the group has become beloved.


3) Jolteon

The original champion (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Of the original three Eeveelutions, Jolteon was the clear favorite from a gameplay perspective. Jolteon was one of the fastest creatures in the early games, making it a favorite among players. Its trademark move, Pin Missile, and many electric options made it a unique combat option.

Beyond gameplay, Jolteon made many appearances in various anime series. Most notably, Red had a Jolteon in his party in the latest series. It was the best of the original three, but it still deserves a place of prominence among the group today..


2) Umbreon

Finally, the edgy one (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Umbreon, the Dark-type was introduced in the Gamecube era of the franchise along with Espeon. Its glowing ring designs and pitch-black fur make it distinct among the Eeveelutions. Along with being one of the most unique designs of the bunch, Umbreon represents a powerful combat option in the franchise's biggest entry.


Umbreon has long been considered one of the most powerful creatures in Pokemon Go. Though it's a relatively new game in the series, its explosive release and continuing popularity make it huge. Umbreon is a tank that deals a ton of Dark-type damage. Umbreon stands out amongst the group as one of the most powerful and majestic of its era.

1) Sylveon

The power of the faries (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Sylveon is not only the newest entry on Eevee's list, but also one of the best. Representing the new Fairy type, Sylveon represents a rare niche and brings the concept to a new age. It may look like a decorative plushy, but this small beast was made to slay dragons.

The folks at Game Freak have been working on this franchise for longer than many of its fans have been alive. They've learned a lot about character design over the years and Sylveon is a great example. On top of a unique look, Sylveon is a beast in combat, becoming one of the strongest Eeveelutions in the bunch.

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