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Aerodactyl hails from the ancient age of Pokemon and is usually revived from a fossil (Image via Niantic)

Top 5 best Rock-types to use in Pokemon GO in 2022

Although they have some fundamental weaknesses, Rock-type Pokemon can still be valuable in Pokemon GO.

In a battle, the top picks fluctuate somewhat depending on what a trainer intends to use their Rock-type for. The best PvP Rock-types aren't typically the same top picks for PvE battles like raids and gym attacks.


Regardless, many Rock-type Pokemon excel in both battle types and can be depended on when placed in a battle party. Trainers may want to pick up a few of the top Rock-type Pokemon to take on opponents like Bug, Flying, Fire, and Ice-type Pokemon.


Pokemon GO: Top Rock-type picks and where they fit

5) Terrakion (PvE)

Terrakion isn't a great legendary, but it still performs well in its type class (Image via Niantic)

Although it pales compared to many other Pokemon GO's Legendary Pokemon, Terrakion is still a very suitable PvE pick as a Rock-type Pokemon.

Although it doesn't quite hit like the top Rock and Fighting-type Pokemon in the game, Terrakion does benefit from lacking glaring double weaknesses thanks to its Fighting typing.

Utilizing Rock-type moves like "Smack Down" and "Rock Slide" and Fighting-type ones like "Sacred Sword," Terrakion can deal exceptional DPS in the right situation.


If an enemy Pokemon is weak to Rock-type or Fighting-type moves (or both), keep an eye on Terrakion as a potential counter pick.

4) Rampardos (PvE)

Rampardos' entire being is centered around offense (Image via Niantic)

Sporting the 31st highest attack ceiling in the game, Rampardos is all about dealing damage quickly and effectively. It benefits significantly from a varied collection of learnable moves, including "Zen Headbutt," "Flamethrower," and "Outrage," which trainers won't usually see on a Rock-type Pokemon.


With "Smack Down," "Rock Slide," and "Flamethrower," Rampardos can batter its opponents savagely while covering up one of its weaknesses to Grass-types by utilizing Flamethrower.

3) Rhyperior (PvE/PvP)

Rhyperior has one of the highest HP totals in the game (Image via The Pokemon Company)

A hulking mass that can still hit like a truck, Rhyperior has been a beloved Sinnoh region evolution in Pokemon GO ever since its inclusion. Utilizing powerful moves like "Mud-Slap" and "Rock Wrecker," this Ground/Rock-type Pokemon takes some targets out in a single charge move.

It's considered one of the best battle Pokemon for raids and performs solidly in Master League PvP as well. However, it does have double weaknesses to Grass and Water-type moves. So trainers will want to use Rhyperior wisely to fight at maximum effect.

2) Tyranitar (PvE/PvP)

Tyranitar has been a powerful Pokemon ever since its inclusion (Image via Niantic)

Ever since debuting in Pokemon's Generation II games, Tyranitar has been a force to be reckoned with, and the trend seems to have carried over to Pokemon GO.


With above-average bulk and considerable attack power for a non-legendary, Tyranitar can quickly seize the advantage in a Pokemon battle and not give up for the rest of the fight.

As a dual (Dark/Rock) type Pokemon, Tyranitar can excel in both roles on the offensive, utilizing moves like "Smack Down," "Stone Edge," "Bite," and "Crunch."

Its Shadow Form is also coveted, increasing its already impressive attack damage, thanks to the attack boost all Shadow Pokemon receive. Since Tyranitar's HP total is already substantial, it stands to lose less from battling as a Shadow Pokemon.

1) Mega Aerodactyl (PvE)

Mega Aerodactyl is the most recent Mega Evolution to join Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)

Making its way to Pokemon GO as part of the ongoing Mountains of Power event this January, Mega Aerodactyl is the newest Mega Evolution to join the game. It is the first to truly support Rock-type offenses instead of utilizing it as an alternative.

Mega Aerodactyl is a Flying/Rock-type Pokemon despite lacking Flying-type moves.

However, that's nothing to worry trainers, as Mega Aerodactyl's top 35 attack stat allows it to utilize moves like "Rock Throw," "Rock Slide," and "Ancient Power" to devastating effect.

Although it can't be used in GO Battle League, Mega Aerodactyl is already making its case as one of the best Mega Evolutions in Pokemon GO while also carving out its supremacy as a Rock-type attacker.

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