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Ash uses Charizard even though it rarely listens (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Top 5 confusing decisions by Ash in the Pokemon anime

Ash Ketchum has many strong qualities in the Pokemon anime, but intelligence isn’t always one of them. After countless adventures through various regions, one would hope that Ash had finally learned how the game worked (type advantages, movesets, etc.).

Ash still rolls with his gut, though, using the partners he feels most comfortable with. Thanks to his naiveness, he’s made some legendary blunders over the years.


Which were Ash's dumbest decisions in Pokemon?

5) Trying to solo Elesa with Palpitoad

Palpitoad was Ash's only resource against Elesa (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Ash was so confident with his Palpitoad against Elesa that he literally didn’t bring any other team members to the battle. As far as Ash Ketchum's blunders go, this isn’t completely horrible: Palpitoad is a Ground-type and has an advantage against Elesa’s Electric-types.


Unfortunately for Ash, his plan falls apart when Elesa sends in Emolga, an Electric/Flying-type immune to Ground. Emolga chipped Palpitoad down with several "Aerial Aces" for the KO. Ash might have been able to retaliate with another option, but he didn’t bring any.

4) Using Pidgeotto and Pikachu against Brock

Pikachu had a rough time against Brock's Onix (Image via The Pokemon Company)

A team with the best chance of losing against Brock might be the same two Pokemon Ash Ketchum brought to this battle. Both Brock’s Geodude and Onix resist Flying and are immune to Electric.

Of course, this became irrelevant after Ash’s Pikachu miraculously Thunderbolted Geodude. It had more trouble against Onix, but Pikachu literally electrified the arena, activating the sprinklers in the Gym. If Brock hadn’t had a sprinkler system atop his Gym arena, Ash might have never gotten his first badge.

3) Attempting a Metapod 1v1

Ash was insistent that his Metapod could beat this other Metapod (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Stall matchups are never fun, and Ash certainly learned this the hard way. In the heat of battle against a samurai that used Metapod, the brilliant Ash Ketchum decides to use his own Metapod in response.

Fans will know that Metapod can only use "Harden," so both Metapods kept maxing out their defenses throughout the entire battle. Ash could have ended the match in five seconds by switching to Pikachu, but he never did, demonstrating his dedication.

2) Forgetting that Steel is immune to Poison

Naganadel had a poor matchup against Lucario (Image via The Pokemon Company)

One of the strongest newcomers in the Alola region was the Ultra Beast Naganadel. Ash Ketchum was undoubtedly excited to use it during his journey through Alola, so much that he brought it out against Professor Kukui’s Lucario.

After trying to use a Poison-type move, Ash was quickly reminded that Lucario is immune to Poison. It’s hard to lose a match with an option as powerful as Naganadel, but Ash managed to pull it off.

1) Never ever recognizing Team Rocket

Throughout the anime, Ash has had countless encounters. Honestly, the faces of Jesse and James should be etched into his memory at this point. Despite how often they meet, though, all Jesse and James need to do is put on mustaches, and Ash will have no clue who they are.

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