Team Rocket is responsible for some crazy shenanigans in Pokemon (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Top 5 funniest scenes from the Pokemon anime

The Pokemon anime equally known for both its humor as well as its spicy battles.

Ash Ketchum has certainly left a legacy of blunders over the years. Everything from Team Rocket repeatedly blasting off to Brock talking with the ladies got a chuckle out of the viewers.


Which of these were the biggest blunders, though? These five moments definitely had audiences laughing.

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5) Ash fails to discover Sabrina’s father


During his battle against the Psychic Gym Leader, Ash gets some help from Sabrina’s father. Though he does not reveal his identity outright, he drops clues throughout the episode, like having pictures of Sabrina.

However, Ash fails to recognize his helper. Upon seeing Sabrina's pictures, Ash simply replies with:

“That must mean you’re a photographer."


4) The Metapod 1v1 match


Metapod is one of the easiest Pokemon to beat in battle; it only learns Harden, and a Special Attacker can simply win this matchup easily. Ash Ketchum does not like doing things the easy way, though.

Upon battling a Samurai with its own Metapod, Ash decided to battle it with a Metapod of his own. There they went, using Harden repeatedly, with no trainer ever gaining the upper hand.

3) Charizard takes nap during Gym battle


Charizard is rarely motivated to fight, but against Blaine, his reputation is on the line. Charizard went all out to beat Magmar and prove that it was the better Fire-type. After Charizard beat Magmar, though, Blaine sent out Rhydon.

This is obviously a horrible matchup, since Charizard is double weak to Rock Slide. What does Charizard do, then? Well, it takes a nap in the corner.

Ash was probably going to switch out anyways.

2) James abandoned Magikarp


After the Battle on the S.S. Anne, James acquired a Magikarp who he absolutely hated. It’s hard to blame him, considering it has no stats and only learned Tackle, Splash and Flail.

James clearly needed to brush up on his Pokedex, though. While Team Rocket and Ash and company were on a raft, James simply tossed Magikarp aside. He forgot that, at level 20, it evolves into the incredibly powerful Gyarados. It might have done better for James than his Koffing.

1) Classic Ash pun


Ash has had plenty of puns, but the one that takes the cake is said in Pokemon: the Movie 2000. Slowking tells Ash that he is the chosen one. As he marches to help Lugia through the snow, he remarks that he:

“Feels more like the frozen one.”

Simply, Ash Ketchum at his finest.


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