Many items fall from trees (Image via Game Freak)

Top 5 items in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

A big part of playing Pokemon Legends: Arceus is making sure that players stay stocked up on the good stuff.

Since the game focuses on crafting so much, trainers need to consider which items to stay loaded with. However, with so many options available in this new game, it can be overwhelming to figure out what to craft.


However, any trainer should make sure they have these five items in bulk at any point in the game.

Which items should Pokemon trainers grab as they head through Hisui?


5) Stun items

Trainers can farm Balls of Mud by where Heatran spawns (Image via Calem Mr. Nazzreenn YouTube)

These are primarily Balls of Mud and Snowballs. Believe it or not, they will come in handy when trying to catch more restless Pokemon. Specific targets won’t stay still or will be incredibly hard to hit with a Poke Ball.

Balls of Mud and Snowballs are also significant when it comes time to catch the wind genies (Landorus, Thundurus, Tornadus, and Enamorus).

4) Berries

Most berries are found under trees (Image via Game Freak)

Honestly, it’s pretty pointless to use these berries for their intended purpose (what’s the point of healing 10 HP with Oran Berry when a Potion heals 20?). The main utility that berries have is how they are used when catching Pokemon.


When wild spawns are attracted to a berries, it makes them much easier to sneak up on. Each Pokemon has its preferred list of foods, but berries are among the most common.

3) Gigaton Balls

Gigaton Balls don't fly far, but they are very accurate (Image via Game Freak)

If trainers can get a backstroke with these balls, they are the most accurate in the game. Many trainers know how to fire off Ultra Ball after Ultra Ball, only to find that the target isn’t being caught.

One way to solve the issue is tossing out some food and then using a Gigaton Ball from behind; that should catch most anything.

2) Hyper Potions


Being able to heal is a great skill. While there are Max Potions in the game, it’s scarce that anyone will run into a situation where Hyper Potions won’t heal enough.

Trainers are better off saving their resources so that they can make more Hyper Potions instead of investing in a super heal.

1) Jet Balls

Jet Balls are great for airborne targets like Togekiss (Image via Game Freak)

There are some instances where these items are the only way trainers will be able to catch Pokemon. Many now roam the skies, like Gyarados, Togekiss, and Magnezone.

It’s tough to hit these with Ultra Balls, and there’s no way a Gigaton Ball will reach far enough. Jet Balls have enough accuracy and range, though, where trainers can make good throws from safety.


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