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Top 5 Mythical Pokemon of all time

Mythical Pokemon are those who come with incredible stories filled with folklore and mystery in the franchise.

There is a difference between Mythical and Legendary Pokemon. At first, many just assumed Mythical ones were smaller than Legendary ones, until the actual God of Pokemon was introduced.


Mythical mons are some of the most powerful creatures of them all, with unexplained powers and abilities that are seemingly unmatched. Throughout the series, there have been a handful of Mythical creatures that are a tier above the rest.

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The best Mythical Pokemon in the history of the Pokemon franchise


5) Deoxys

Deoxys in the anime. (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Deoxy is a literal alien in the Pokemon universe. It has four different forms that give it totally different sets of stats. It's one of the strongest Pokemon in terms of base stats and its rivalry with Rayquaza has given it a personality that has been explored multiple times in the anime.


4) Darkrai

Dakrai in the anime. (Image via The Pokemon Company)

One part of the Lunar Duo with Cresselia, Darkrai is downright terrifying. It has the appearance of a ghost or reaper of sorts, but is purely a Dark-type Pokemon. It is mysterious, sinister, and very misunderstood. Even though Darkrai's generally considered an evil being, something about its design makes it very appealing.


3) Celebi

Celebi in the anime. (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Celebi is one of the original Mythical Pokemon discovered. It appeared in the Johto region of Generation II and immediately made an impact. Not only is it cute, but it is also extremely powerful. Celebi can travel through time and often finds itself in multiple timelines simultaneously.


2) Arceus

Arceus in the anime. (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Arceus is the God of all Pokemon. It is known as the creator of the Pokemon universe and will feature in the Legends Arceus game that arrives in 2022. Arceus has the highest base stat total of all mons and is truly an intimidating force. It can change its type with different items and is still shrouded in mystery compared to others.


1) Mew

Mew in the anime. (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Mew was the first Mythical Pokemon to ever be introduced in the series. A clone of it became arguably the most powerful Pokemon of all time, in the form of Mewtwo.

Mew is cute, strong, and just an overall awesome creature. It is said that Mew's DNA possesses some DNA of every creature in the franchise, which makes you wonder what ties it may have to Arceus, if Arceus is the creator of them all.


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