Mega Audino didn't recieve a great abilitiy (Image via Game Freak)

Top 5 worst Mega Evolutions in Pokemon

Mega evolutions are supposed to be the pinnacle of power in terms of Pokemon, but some of them fail to live up to the expectation.

While some Pokemon get severely buffed with the new ability their Mega Evolution provides, sometimes they simply get a worse ability. In other cases, they can get stats that don’t really benefit them well. While it’s never a bad idea to grab a Mega Stone, these are some that trainers will want to stay away from.


Which Pokemon received the worst Mega Evolutions?

5) Mega Camerupt

Camerupt's Mega Evolution has an extremely low speed (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Game Freak was able to turn Camerupt into a slightly offensive threat by boosting its Power (145 base Special Attack) but lowering its Speed (base 20).


Mega Camerupt has enough bulk to take some hits, but it can still get KO’d easily (especially to Water-type attacks). What keeps Mega Camerupt from appearing higher on the list is that it can be deadly under Trick Room with Eruption.

4) Mega Abomasnow

Mega Abomasnow's speed is base 30 (Image via The Pokemon Company)

A lot of what can be said about Mega Camerupt can also be said about Mega Abomasnow, only less so.

With 30 Speed, Mega Abomasnow is also a Trick Room option, but the Blizzards that it would presumably spam would be weaker that Mega Camerupt’s Eruptions if it can stay healthy. Also, like Mega Camerupt crumbles to any Water-type move, Mega Abomasnow gets destroyed by Fire.

3) Mega Glalie

Mega Glalie gets 120 base Attack and Special Attack (Image via The Pokemon Company)

This Glalie Mega Evolution is stronger than its original, but the improvements it received don’t really make Mega Glalie a threat.

Ordinary Glalie has base 80 in every stat, which almost never makes it a strong option. With 120 in the attacking stats and 100 base Speed, though, Mega Glalie can be a strong option at times. It still gets outclassed by many Ice-types, though.

2) Mega Ampharos

Mega Ampharos recieved the Dragon typing (Image via Game Freak)

For almost all of its existence, Ampharos has been begging for more coverage. It could only really use strong Electric-type moves for the longest time, with the occasional Power Gem or Signal Beam to complement it.

Giving Mega Ampharos the Dragon-type, though, doesn’t really fix this issue, since Dragon hits nobody else for super effective damage except other Dragons. This Mega evolution also only gets 45 base Speed, so it will lose to every other Dragon in the game.

1) Mega Audino


It’s really interesting to see what was done to improve this Pokemon, while at the same time, making it much less effective. Mega Audino certainly has better stats, but they also come with one of the worst abilities in the game.

Mega Audino’s ability, Healer, has a 30% chance of healing an ally’s status. This means that 70% of the time, Mega Audino has a wasted ability. This wouldn’t be as much of a problem if most of Audino’s kit wasn’t already made to avoid status.

Safeguard prevents status for five turns, as does Misty Terrain. Healing Wish can also allow Audino to sacrifice itself to fully heal an ally Pokemon and cure it of its status. The Healer ability does less for Audino than any other ability could have.


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