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Machoke will need a Linking Cord to evolve into Machamp (Image via Game Freak)

What is the Linking Cord in Pokemon Legends: Arceus?

For trainers trying to fill out their Pokedex in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, the Linking Cord is going to be a very important item.

Due to the new title's hyperfocus on the single player, trading Pokemon really is not an option here. There are multiple evolutions that can only take place when the Pokemon are traded, such as Alakazam and Machamp. This is the first game where there is an alternate way to get these evolutions.


Evoloving several Pokemon is going to take a special item


The Linking Cord is an item specifically used to evolve Pokemon that would otherwise need a trade to evolve.

The name itself is a reference to Link Cable from past games in the series. Before online connectivity was implemented, Game Boy players would have to use a Link Cable to connect their devices and trade Pokemon.


Below is a list of every evolution that requires the Linking Cord:

  • Kadabra into Alakazam
  • Machoke into Machamp
  • Graveler into Golem
  • Haunter into Gengar

This is definitely an item trainers will want to get their hands on sooner rather than later. Not only will it help fill out the Pokedex, but units like Alakazam and Gengar are great to use as part of any main game team.


Ways to get the Linking Cable

Trading Post

The Linking Cable can be acquired at the trading post for 1,000 Merit Points. These Merit Points can be picked up by collecting the lost satchels that appear all over the Hisui region.

Space Time Distortion

Trainers also have a chance of finding a Linking Cable during a Space Time Distortion. This method, though, is really unreliable. A whole lot of evolutionary items can be dropped during a Space Time Distortion, and there is no telling which ones will appear.

Trainers can talk to Simona to purchase a Linking Cord (Image via Game Freak)

Space Time Distortions can also take a long time to spawn, so trainers will feasibly spend hours looking for a Linking Cable this way.

Eerie Apparitions in the Night

One final way trainers can get at least one Linking Cable is through completing the Eerie Apparitions in the Night quest. This is unlocked once the player gets 50 Wisps and talks to Vessa in Jubilife Village.

Other Pokemon that usually need to be traded with an item to evolve , such as Scizor and Steelix, do not require a Linking Cord to evolve. All they need is the item that causes the evolution. Therefore, Onix will only need to hold the Metal Coat to evolve into Steelix.


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