Metagross release date in Pokemon Unite revealed. (Image via The Pokemon Company)

When is Metagross coming to Pokemon Unite?

The anticipation within the Pokemon Unite community is reaching its peak as the countdown for the introduction of the formidable Gen 3 Pokemon, Metagross, begins. The arrival of this Steel/Psychic-type creature promises a thrilling new addition to the game, and trainers are eagerly waiting to harness its power and strategic prowess in battles.

Trainers seeking a versatile and powerful addition to their roster will find Metagross an invaluable asset. Its adaptability to various situations makes it a sought-after ally for any team.


Metagross: Release date in Pokemon Unite and details

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The official release date for Metagross in Pokemon Unite has been confirmed, which has led to heightened excitement among the fans. Trainers can mark their calendars for December 26, 2023, when this formidable Pokemon will grace the Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS platforms. The official announcement from the Pokemon Unite's Twitter account has set the community abuzz with anticipation.

Metagross has long been revered for its combination of sheer strength and intellectual acumen. Its metallic frame, akin to a robotic spider, doesn't just boast an intimidating appearance but also grants it remarkable stability and agility. Despite its bulky presence, Metagross maneuvers swiftly, leaving opponents astounded by its dexterity.

Metagross levitating in the anime. (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Its unique move, Meteor Mash, delivers a relentless barrage of metallic punches, capable of dealing substantial damage and asserting dominance in confrontations.

Beyond its physical prowess, Metagross possesses a highly evolved brain that processes complex calculations instantaneously, elevating its tactical thinking during battles. This unique blend of intelligence and raw power solidifies Metagross as a force to be reckoned with in the Pokemon world.


What kind of character will Metagross be in Pokemon Unite?

Metagross in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Based on its well-rounded stats in the main Pokemon games, Metagross is anticipated to fulfill the role of an All-Rounder in Pokemon Unite. Leak reports suggest it will possess a versatile move set, including Iron Defence, Tackle, Meteor Mash, Gyro Ball, Magnet Rise, and Zen Headbutt.

However, the highlight of Metagross' arsenal is its Unite Move. This move allows the user to swiftly analyze the position of nearby opposing Pokemon, providing a shield effect based on the number of analyzed opponents. The effectiveness of this move varies depending on the number of opposing Pokemon targeted.

When targeting two or fewer opponents, Metagross lunges towards the one with the lowest HP, dealing damage and recovering 30% of its Unite Move gauge upon knocking out an opponent.

On the other hand, when analyzing three or more opponents, Metagross lunges toward the weakest opponent, dealing damage to nearby foes and creating a rocky ring-like barrier around itself, preventing players from escaping the vicinity if they are trapped within.

Shiny Metagross from the anime. (Image via The Pokemon Company)

The impact and efficacy of Metagross' Unite Move are contingent on the strategic choice of how many opponents to analyze, adding an element of tactical decision-making to its gameplay.

The impending arrival of Metagross in Pokemon Unite has sparked excitement among trainers, who eagerly await the chance to wield its power and strategic brilliance on the battlefield. As the release date draws nearer, anticipation grows, promising an exhilarating new chapter in the ever-evolving world of Pokemon Unite.

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