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Official artwork for Carmine in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Why is Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's community angry with Teal Mask's Carmine?

One of the many fun parts about the latest content for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is getting to meet all the new characters. Two of the most interesting trainers players will meet as they travel across the land of Kitakami are Kieran and his big sister Carmine. However, many have noticed a sad and disturbing undertone in the siblings' relationship.

Throughout the story of the Teal Mask expansion, the two express an interesting dynamic that has led players to feel that Carmine is borderline abusive toward her little brother. However, this sort of relationship seems a little dark for a game like Pokemon. This article will explore if these claims have any merit.


Reddit reacts to Kieran and Carmile in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet


This was a topic of discussion on the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet subreddit after u/Misnome5 posted their thoughts on the recent wave of hate for Carmile. Throughout the story, it may seem like Carmine is being incredibly harsh with her brother, as seen in her lack of consideration for his dream to meet Ogerpon and how she tends to favor the main character more as the story goes on.

What makes Kieran so sad as a character is the fact that he really does not have a happy ending in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Teal Mask DLC. Devastated by how he was treated by the main character and his sister throughout the group's time in Kitakami, Kieran vows that he will get revenge on the player before fleeing to his room, never to be seen again.


While many have come down on Carmile for being too harsh with her little brother compared to other siblings we have seen thus far in the franchise, it is arguably the most realistic portrayal of siblings to date.

Carmile may get a bit harsh with her brother, but it is only because she wants to see him improve to be the best he can possibly be. If she is rude sometimes, it is just what to expect from an older sister, something that many can relate to.


Many users on the subreddit were also quick to point out the drastic cultural differences between Kitakami and other regions we have seen in the franchise. It is meant to be a region with rural Japanese influences, so it would make sense for families there to have a similar structure to those from the area of inspiration. u/I-am-the-trashcan said:


Overall, many players are jumping to conclusions when it comes to the sibling relationship viewed in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's Teal Mask story expansion. The conduct between the two characters can be written off as siblings being siblings, as well as a difference in cultures.

However, some may still feel sad after completing the story, knowing that Kieran did not get the satisfying ending he wished for.

Since both Kieran and Carmile are students at Blueberry Academy, the conclusion to their character arc could very well be on the horizon. Only time will tell if we see these characters again once the Indigo Disk half of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is released.

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