10 female K-pop idols born in the year of rabbit (Image via Instagram/@chaeyo.0, @official_g_i_dle, @yerimiese)

10 female K-pop Idols who were born in the Year of Rabbit

One of the most famous ways that fans classify male and female K-pop idols is by the year they were born, which works quite differently in the Korean tradition. According to the Korean zodiac, which was borrowed from the Chinese culture, each year represents one of the twelve zodiac signs based on animals of the Sibijisin. It translates to a combination of the words "twelve" and "God of the Earth."

Naturally, a year that's represented by a particular animal repeats itself every twelve years, and 2023 is the Year of Rabbit. The last witnesses to this particular year of the animal were in 1999 and 1987, which included female K-pop idols of the fourth, third, and second generations of K-pop. In honor of 2023 being the Year of Rabbit, here are ten female K-pop idols who were born in these years.


From Red Velvet Yeri to Twice Chaeyong: Here are 10 Female K-pop idols who were born in the Year of Rabbit

1) Xiaoting - Kep1er

The main vocalist of the fourth-generation K-pop girl group Kep1er is Xiaoting, who was born on November 12, 1999. She is the only Chinese member of the group, who also goes by the Korean name Shim Sojeong. The artist is one of the many female K-pop idols who appeared on the reality survival show Girls Planet 999, which was eventually led to the debut of Kep1er in 2022. The group's latest comeback was a single titled We Fresh released on October 13.


2) Yuqi - (G)I-DLE

Another female K-pop idol born in 1999 is the Chinese singer and songwriter Song Yuqi, who is also active as part of (G)I-DLE, which debuted in 2018. The idol was born on September 23 and is often considered the visual of the group. Apart from the many iconic releases she has put forth with her fellow group members, Yuqi has also released an impressive solo single album called A Page, consisting of Giant and Bonnie & Clyde.


3) Sihyeon - EVERGLOW

The leader of the fourth-generation K-pop girl group EVERGLOW was born on August 5, 1999. Sihyeon is also one of the many female K-pop idols who began their K-pop journey through the reality survival show Produce 101 and Produce 48 as an independent trainee. She later trained under Yueha Entertainment for two years and 10 months before her debut with EVERGLOW in 2019. The group's latest comeback was back in 2021 with the album Return of the Girl.

4) Arin - OH MY GIRL


Born on June 18, 1999, Arin from OH MY GIRL is also a South Korean actress, featuring in many popular K-dramas, such as Alchemy of Souls, Urban Myths, and The World of My 17, among others. She's both the maknae and the lead dancer of the K-pop girl group that was formed under WM Entertainment. Her real name is Choi Ye-won, and she participates in a sub-unit called Oh My Girl Banhana. Moreover, the K-pop idol was the MC of KBS Music Bank alongside TXT Soobin between 2020-21.

5) Tzuyu - TWICE

Tzuyu, also known as Chou Tzu-kyu, is the Taiwanese singer in the third-generation K-pop girl group TWICE. She was born on June 14, 1999, and debuted under JYP Entertainment in 2015. Popular for her unmatched visuals, she's also the maknae of the nine-member K-pop girl group. TWICE's latest comeback was the release of their second English single, Moonlight Sunrise, on January 20, 2023.


6) Yeri - Red Velvet

Another maknae from the crowd of female K-pop idols born in the Year of Rabbit is Yeri from Red Velvet, formed under SM Entertainment. The idol also goes by the name Kim Ye-rim and has also been featured in a few K-dramas, showcasing her actress dimension in dramas like Blue Birthday. Called the Social Butterfly of Red Velvet, she has also made friends with many Western artists, including Ariana Grande.

7) Gahyeon - Dreamcatcher

The rapper, vocalist, and maknae of Dreamcatcher, Gahyeon, or Lee Ga-hyeon, was born on February 3, 1999, making her yet another one of the female K-pop idols born in the Year of Rabbit. The idol used to be an FNC trainee before she auditioned for YG and passed the same. Dreamcatcher made their official debut with all its seven members in 2017 under Happyface Entertainment with their single album, Nightmare.


8) Chaeyong - TWICE

Son Chae-young, aka Chaeyong, is the rapper in the nine-member K-pop girl group TWICE. She was born on April 23, 1999. Despite her position as a rapper, the idol showcases impressive vocal abilities. She's also one of the many female K-pop idols who is very expressive with tattoos. The idol's first-ever photo book, titled Yes, I am Chaeyoung, is set to drop on February 20.

9) Gain - Brown Eyed Girls

The second-generation artist that's sits on the list of female K-pop idols born in the Year of Rabbit is Son Ga-in, or Gain, of Brown Eyed Girls. She was born in September 20, 1987, and debuted in a four-member K-pop girl group in 2006 with the single Come Closer. While the band members aren't active these days, they have released many iconic songs over the years, such as Abracadabra, Sound-G, Leave Ms. Kim, etc.


10) Kim Lip - LOONA

The last on the list of female K-pop idols born in the Year of Rabbit is LOONA's vocalist Kim Lip. She's also referred to by her birthname Kim Jung-eun, and was born on February 10, 1999. The idol debuted under LOONA in 2017 with the single Eclipse and was also a part of the sub-unit ODD EYE CIRCLE. Kim Lip is housed under Blockberry Creative along with the other LOONA members.

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