BTS' V and j-hope hang out together in Las Vegas, 2018. (Image via Twitter/ @jjksceo)

4 best BTS' V and j-hope moments from Run BTS

BTS' V and j-hope have proved that theirs is among the sweetest BTS friendships with their recent TikTok showing them doing the on my way (with J. Cole) challenge. The two idols are seen in one of their practice rooms, where the former attempts to shoot a basketball into a hoop, but he misses, and then proceeds to dance the choreography with the elder member.

The two have always been close - V even visited the rapper's solo music video set on two separate occasions (Daydream and MORE), guest-starring in the videos as well. With Run BTS currently on hiatus, this is a good time to reminisce about hilarious moments from the variety show where BTS' V and j-hope were the funniest and cutest duo, getting up to several silly shenanigans together.


Creating a story together, j-hope stealing V's answer, and more memorable Run BTS moments of BTS' V and j-hope

1) When V conspired with j-hope against Jung Kook in episode 32

Never forget the time Taehyung was protecting Jungkook from Hobi during a run BTS game... to then turn around and betray Jungkook cause Hobi promised to give him gifts he helped him find jk lmaosksjshd

Often called the sunshine of the group, j-hope rarely gets upset and is often considered the mood maker. However, when the Run BTS staff made him the mafia for a game, all his hidden evil tendencies came to the forefront. The object of the game was for the rapper to steal the other members pig balloons, while they had to protect them.


After stealthily cutting off some members' balloons, he was exposed and chased the rest all over the compound where the game was taking place. BTS' V, whose balloon was already taken, seemingly wished to protect Jung Kook and his balloon. However, when j-hope offered to give him the reward that the winner would be given, V quickly changed colors, promising to help him cut off Jung Kook's balloon.

The quick turnabout, and the way V pretended to be on Jung Kook's side, made the betrayal all the more humorous, making this a truly unforgettable moment.

2) The children's story narrated by the duo that made BTS laugh uncontrollably in episode 143

This iconic PeuPeu moment in Run BTS....
I love it so much #BTS #BTSARMY #runbts

For this episode, appropriately titled Run BTS Books, the members had to create children's books, complete with illustrations, within the span of the episode.

After abandoning his team with Jimin and RM, BTS' V recruited j-hope, who seemed to have nothing to do with Jin writing the story and Jung Kook illustrating it. The two added finishing touches to V's story of Peupeu, the fairy who built a friend, Ppowoo, but could not figure out why the newly-made creature did not respond to it.

Called "A Spoon of Heart," the story had all the members in splits because j-hope gave Peupeu a deep voice while narrating the story, while V went in the opposite direction. Despite the sound effects being hilarious, the story was heartwarming, much like the friendship between BTS' V and j-hope.

3) When the two played the iconic "palm-pushing game" with each other in episode 131


Pitting BTS members against each other has the funniest consequences. Usually, the members fight tooth and nail to win if there happens to be a prize. However, in case there are no prizes, the members often create legendary situations by themselves.

In this episode, BTS played a warm-up game wherein the members attempted to push each other into the swimming pool while balancing on a float held in position by staff members. BTS' V and j-hope were paired together, and the latter was shaky and scared right from the beginning. For all his brilliant dancing skills on stage, the Arson rapper could not seem to stand straight on the flotation device.

After a little back and forth, V managed to push a surprised j-hope into the water. Other members laughed heartily at the situation, especially because j-hope had previously been splashing water onto his body to prepare himself if he fell into the pool without warning.

4) V's betrayed shouts when j-hope stole his answer in episode 128

2 years ago today, Hobi betrayed Taehyung


BTS' V is no stranger to betrayals in Run BTS, as the first point on this list proves. However, when betrayed by his dear "hyung" in this episode, V erupted into exasperated screams, while j-hope could not stop laughing.

In the episode, Jin was playing a BTS song on the harmonica that the other members were to guess. After random guesses by Jimin, RM, and Jung Kook (SUGA was absent while recovering from surgery), V suddenly turned to j-hope and asked him if he knew the name of the song.

After warning him not to steal the answer, V told j-hope of the song he was thinking of, hoping the rapper would help him out. However, the older member could not stop himself from answering the question, which caused an upset V to reveal the betrayal that led to him scoring a point in the game.

BTS' V and j-hope's reel is currently at 19.5 million views since it was posted on Instagram, showing that fans love their chemistry as BTS members and precious friends a lot.

The MORE rapper has been winning hearts with on the street, and recently visited KBS 2TV's talk show, The Seasons - Jay Park's Drive, presumably to promote the single, which he dedicated to fans and his roots as a street dancer. BTS' V, on the other hand, stars in the variety show Jinny's Kitchen alongside members of the Wooga Squad. The show is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video for viewers in the US.

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