BTS' Jimin and SUGA on the latest episode of SuChWita where they spoke about FACE, BTS, and explored the possibility of Jimin making an appearance during the Agust D tour. (Image via Twitter/ @bts_bighit)

5 best BTS' Jimin X SUGA moments on Suchwita

BTS' Jimin finally made an appearance on his bandmate SUGA's YouTube talk show, Suchwita, and it was every bit as heartwarming and chaotic as one would expect when the pair got together.

As a regular watcher of the show, Jimin seemed to be astounded by the elder member's comfort and ease of asking questions, while SUGA spent the interview both praising and teasing the vocalist in equal measure. Viewers were reminded of the first-ever episode of Suchwita with RM, and it was certainly heartwarming for fans to see the camaraderie shown by the BTS members once again.


The MiniMini duo (as they are sometimes called) spoke like the old friends that they are, bickering with and complimenting each other in the same breath.

Potential AGUST D concert spoilers, sudden video challenge practices, and other unmissable moments from the Suchwita episode with BTS' Jimin and SUGA

1) Jimin and SUGA reminiscing about drinking soju together in the past

When we were younger ,the first alcoholic drinks I bought you was soju
After Taehyung & I had a fight, the dumpling incident

Jiminie mentioned the dumpling incident & the way they showed the Friends performance🤧

#SUGA #슈가 #Jimin #지민

As per the concept of the show, the guest brings over alcohol (or other soft drinks) of their own preference to drink with SUGA. BTS' Jimin brought over Soju, and when asked why he liked it, he answered that he liked its bitterness when drinking it as a shot.

SUGA recalled that the first ever time he went drinking with the Like Crazy vocalist, he treated both of them to soju, giving a sweeter meaning to Jimin's choice. This apparently took place after the infamous "dumpling" fight between V and Jimin, a reference bound to make fans smile.

2) Jimin talking about how he visited Jin with j-hope

#SUGA and #Jimin talk about when they visit Seokjin
They always talking about their Jin hyung..
#Suchwita ep7

When BTS' Jimin and j-hope took a picture with Jin, who is currently serving in the military, the joy of fans knew no bounds. The Promise singer elaborated more on the incident, saying that the eldest band member now weighed 66 kilograms (approximately 145.5 pounds), and was eating healthy.

Additionally, SUGA mentioned that he wanted to visit Jin on that day as well, but was unable to do so due to work.

Staff members of BTS also spent some time with Jin, and Jimin and SUGA good-naturedly teased the Epiphany singer for repeatedly craving mulhwe (or chilled sashimi soup) and talking about the dish on their group chat too.

3) SUGA talking to Jimin about a possible guest appearance during his AGUST D tour


SUGA and Jimin first debuted their performance of AGUST D's Tony Montana at a fanmeeting in 2016, and fans have demanded a comeback ever since. The Suchwita host suggested that Jimin join him on his tour as a surprise performer, and they either perform Tony Montana again, or the younger member sings Like Crazy for ARMYs who managed to buy tickets for AGUST D concerts.

This was after BTS' Jimin asked if the rapper would visit him for his music show performances, which SUGA agreed to. However, one will have to wait and see if Jimin has a part to play in SUGA's upcoming tour.

4) When SUGA told Jimin that he wanted him in the final lineup of BTS since the beginning

When I joined the agency as a trainee, I had no ambitions to be part of the team, because I didn't think it was my team, and it was because of you.
I still remember the lights were off and we were in our beds,

While the Suchwita episode was certainly filled with laughter and smiles, it had moments of seriousness, especially when talking about the journey taken by the members. BTS' Jimin admitted to feeling unmotivated about joining the group prior to their debut until SUGA told him that he was a good singer in their dorm, when both of them had been awakened due to RM's loud snoring.

SUGA added that he told the Training and Development team at the time that Jimin should be trained as a singer instead of a rapper as they intended, which was a revelation to many. It is difficult to imagine BTS' Jimin as anything but a sweet-voiced vocalist, but if not for SUGA's communication with the company, fans might have known him as a rapper instead.

The pair also spoke about how difficult Jimin found singing live at the beginning and ended up crying several times due to the same. He admitted to understanding how to practice better now, instead of just working hard aimlessly.

5) SUGA doing the "I'm sorry for being cute" challenge with Jimin


After telling fans that he would convince Jimin to learn the "I'm sorry for being cute" challenge for his video fansigns during his birthday livestream, SUGA finally showed the Christmas Love singer a video of TXT's Soobin doing his version of the same.

BTS' Jimin and SUGA then practiced the well-known TikTok trend, before promptly changing the subject to Blood, Sweat & Tears. However, right at the end, the editors of the show placed a cookie clip of MiniMini doing a very chaotic version of the challenge, which started off well, but ended with Jimin falling to the floor with laughter and SUGA doing his own version of the steps.

The two BTS members eventually agreed that they felt like they were old and looked "like grandpas" while trying out the trend, questioning why they were doing it in the first place.

jungkook cutely saying he likes alcohol too and asking for drinks while watching suchwita

The above Suchwita episode with BTS' Jimin and SUGA was also watched by the group's youngest on his Weverse livestream in the early hours of March 28, 2023.

The appearance on Suchwita was just one of the many promotional activities that Jimin had planned for his solo debut, which included a challenge with PIXID and an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Fans have a lot to look forward to, including Jimin's appearance on more music shows.

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