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BTS' j-hope often posted covers under the moniker, Hope on the Street. (Images via Twitter/ @BIGHIT_MUSIC, @lovesickhoseok1, and @united_sonus)

5 best 'Hope On The Street' covers by BTS' j-hope to enjoy alongside his latest single

BTS' j-hope released his latest single, on the street, on March 3, 2023. Described as a throwback to his dancing "roots," the song is meant to be a gift for fans. To an extent, the track can also be seen as a way of saying goodbye, as it was announced after his upcoming enlistment was reported.

In many ways, when Jung Ho-seok started dancing fifteen years ago, he carved out the path for his eventual success, and the track is an ode to his beginnings and the journey he took to get where he is today.


In the ten years since BTS emerged onto the scene, the rapper has often posted dance covers as a way to promote himself (and the band) under the name 'Hope On The Street'. These covers, uploaded on YouTube, V LIVE, and Twitter, show not only his growth with the South Korean group but also his individuality as a performer and artist.

'Hope On The Street' dance covers that fans of BTS' j-hope must watch


1) The In My Feelings dance challenge that went viral


Although the cover is little more than thirty seconds long, it deserves a place on this list because of how iconic it is and how viral it became soon after it was posted. The video, posted on BTS' official Twitter, was the most-liked tweet of 2018. BTS' j-hope is seen dancing next to a moving car, with the video being shot from inside.

The Arson rapper can be seen dancing sideways in smooth, flowing motions while doing the #InMyFeelings challenge. ARMY loved the video, as did Drake, who added a snippet to his official music video.

2) When j-hope danced with his trainer, Jaesang


It becomes easy to forget that even BTS' j-hope requires constant upkeep and dance practice because of the perfection that he delivers during performances. Two videos posted on January 30, 2018, showcased the BTS rapper performing two versions of a house dance routine with his trainer Jaesang, who happens to be a specialist in the genre.


With nifty, fluid footwork and an unmatched vibe, Jung Ho-seok's moves left everyone spellbound. The effortless nature of his movement became even more evident in the faster version of the choreography, with the rapper flowing from one step to the next, rivaling the expert who was dancing with him.

3) Japanese choreographer Kazane Kasai grooving with the rapper

ありがとうございました twitter.com/bts_twt/status…

Perhaps j-hope was interested in the house dance style, as this was the second time a 'Hope on the Street' video was released in the same year. The Baseline rapper met up with Kazane Kasai from the Japanese dance troupe Lucifer. While evidently a part of the same genre as the earlier video with Jaesang, this video marked a difference with respect to the expressions.

One can see a more individualistic adaptation of the choreography by BTS' j-hope, with the hand movements seeming freer and some laughs escaping him as the routine drew to a close. In both cases, however, the joy that dancing gives the rapper is unmistakable.

4) j-hope freestyling feat. a fascinated Jimin


One of the earliest 'Hope on the Street' videos from 2015, the video features BTS' dance leader showcasing his dance moves in the group's practice room while Jimin is seen walking about and being captivated by the moves.

Most fans would know that BTS' j-hope and Jimin both have a background in dancing in very different styles. The former was part of a dance crew called Neuron and was well-known in underground circles. Jimin, on the other hand, was trained in contemporary and modern dance styles before being introduced to hip-hop. Thus, it is gratifying to see that j-hope's dance is as impressive to a fellow dancer and band member as it is to fans.

Although the clip above is eight years old, the enthusiasm with which Jung Ho-seok executes each movement with finesse is undeniable, with Jimin's keen engrossment being proof of the same.

5) The comeback of 'Hope on the Street' in 2019


BTS' j-hope made a triumphant return a year later and posted a two-minute long-clip of himself dancing to CTRIK's Funked Up on February 6, 2019. This seems to be another freestyle video, with the Airplane rapper focussing on the movement as a whole as opposed to the footwork like in the 'house' dance style mentioned earlier. One is also reminded of the effortlessness of his movement, as j-hope did not break a sweat after some perplexing moves.

@BTS_twt I could swear you have no bones. You control your movements so well. Impressive

Fans were spellbound and expressed surprise at the way he danced in the comments, as if lacking any bones in his body. This was the latest 'Hope on the Street' video posted by BTS' j-hope, but he has shown off his dance moves on livestreams on Weverse and V LIVE (now merged with each other) several times afterwards.


Apart from the above video clips, Jung Ho-seok even did a few 'Hope on the Street' live videos where he was joined by Jimin, V, and Jung Kook. He has not revisited the concept of the show since then. However, his frequent dance practices and innate perfectionism prove that he will never forget where he came from.

BTS' j-hope collaborated with his idol J. Cole on his single, on the street, where he brought together his two worlds of street dance and hip-hop. The song is dedicated to his fans, who he thinks of whenever he creates art, whether music or dance. The song is available on several streaming platforms, and a music video with several references to BTS can also be viewed on YouTube.

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