5 Best Shows like American Horror Stories (Image via Hulu)

5 best shows like American Horror Stories

July saw the premiere of the second season of the American Horror Story franchise offshoot American Horror Stories by the FX Network. The new series has maintained some of the classic AHS horror tropes while bringing in more new spine-chilling stories for the fans. Similar to its predecessor, this will be another anthology series, but this time with different stories featured in every episode.


American Horror Stories season 2 premiered on July 21 with its first episode titled Dollhouse. With seven more episodes set to be released over the upcoming weeks, fans still have plenty to look forward to.

If the horror genre is your choice of poison this summer, then be sure to check out these spine-chilling titles if you haven't already.


Some of the most spine-chilling series to watch if American Horror Stories gives you goosebumps

1) The Haunting

The Haunting of Hill House (Image via Netflix)

Fans of the horror genre definitely know about the extremely popular anthology series from Netflix that made headlines for being one of the most celebrated horror series in recent times. The series is created by Mike Flanagan and has two mini-series under it - The Haunting of Hill House (2018) and The Haunting of Bly Manor (2020). The series has received positive critical acclaim and multiple accolades to its name.

The Haunting of Hill House acted as the first installation of the anthology series and revolved around the Crain family - the owners of Hill House. In 1992, with the motive of repairing and selling the mansion, the family moved into the house only to be haunted by paranormal phenomena and finally a tragic loss. 26 years later, the Crains reunite to revisit their time at the Hill house.


The Haunting of Bly Manor is the second part of the series and reprises some of the original cast members, starring in different roles. The mini-series revolves around two orphaned children and their help at the Bly Manor. When Dani Clayton is hired to take care of two children at the Bly Manor, she starts to see ghosts and paranormal apparitions haunting the grounds of the mansion.


2) Servant

Servant (Image via Apple TV+)

Directed by Tony Basgallop and produced by M. Night Shyamalan, Servant has been Apple TV Plus' flagship horror thriller. The series, released in 2019, already has two seasons under it, with a third season in the works.


After losing their infant boy due to her negligence, Dorothy Turner begins thinking of a doll as her deceased child and decides to raise it as a real baby. To make this more real, they call upon a young nanny, Leeane Greyson, to help take care of their make-believe baby. Unbeknownst to them, Leeane possesses mysterious powers that only their drunkard brother, Julian, has realized.


Like any other horror title with a baby in it, Servant also has some seriously creepy and spine-chilling content to look forward to.

3) Carnivale

Carnivale (Image via HBO)

While it is not an inherent horror series with paranormal apparitions walking around per se, it does have its reasonably scary sequences and common horror tropes. Also, as far as clowns go, things can get very scary very fast, and Carnivale just reminds us of that.


The two-season series follows a journeying caravan as they travel through Milfay, Oklahoma, and pick up Ben Hawkins. Ben was formerly a farmer but has recently acquired the miraculous powers of healing somebody. He has surrealist dreams and is set to look for a man that shares his otherworldly powers.

Similar to American Horror Story's fourth season called Freak Show, Carnivale also explores some common tropes set around the circus industry.

4) Castle Rock

Castle Rock (Image via Hulu)

Castle Rock is a Hulu Original created by Sam Shaw and Dustin Thomason. The series has been inspired by Stephen King's works, and the many characters and stories he has created over the years. The series falls more under the genre of psychological horror. Castle Rock does an amazing job of recreating the Stephen King stories again.


Castle Rock is set in the fictional town of Castle Rock in the Maine woodland area, originally created in Stephen King's authorly works. It brings to life many of King's characters with their own stories to tell and was one hell of a ride for the two seasons that it ran for.

If you have been a fan of King's work, then this is a must-watch.

5) Marianne

Marianne (Image via Netflix)

Marianne is a French horror series created and directed by Samuel Bodin with Victoire Du Bois in the lead role from Netflix. The series follows young novelist Emma Larsimon and the stuff of her dreams, literally.

Emma is a successful novelist who has sold numerous copies of her stories which have been inspired by the nightmares she used to have as a child. When she returns to her hometown and again has the same nightmares, it becomes evident that the apparition from her dream, Marianne, is not just in her head anymore but has transcended to the real world to wreak havoc.

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