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5 best Tretorn sneakers of all time

Tretorn is the second oldest manufacturer of sneakers in the world after Keds. The legendary sneaker company dates as far back as 1891, with an impressive collection of sneakers like the Nylite under its belt. The Swedish brand has a rich history of producing everyday footwear that is a perfect blend of style and function. The time-tested brand produced its first tennis sneakers in 1900 and is popular for pioneering tennis ball technology.

Another commendable quality of the award-winning sneaker maker is their unwavering drive to produce environmentally friendly sneakers and ensure sustainability. Tretorn has collaborated with everyone, from designers like ACNE and Comme Des Garcons to celebrities like Andre Benjamin.


This carefully curated list features the best sneakers ever produced by the historic brand.

5 best Tretorn sneakers ever made


1.The Nylite sneakers

The Nylite sneakers (Image via Amazon)

These comfortable and versatile sneakers are one of the most iconic shoes ever made. Produced in 1967, these tennis shoes have been worn by tennis pros and are loved by sneakerheads all over the world. The shoes are identifiable by their arrow emblem, and their all-white colorway makes them a must-have for sneaker enthusiasts.

The Nylite underwent a revamp in 2019 and is now made from 100% locally sourced, recycled, and plant-based elements. On the lookout for eco-friendly and chic sneakers? Check out the Nylite sneakers for 95 US Dollars on Amazon.

2. The Rainbow sneakers

The The Rainbow sneakers (Image via eBay)

The Swedish brand switched up its cool tones for an eye-catching colorway in 2019. The Rainbow sneakers are true to their name as they feature an iridescent upper consisting of rainbow colors. The shoes are mesmerizing to look at and are complemented by brilliant white soles. Another winning quality of the shoes is that they are comfortable and easy to wear throughout the day.


The sneakers were sold for a price of 85 US Dollars upon their release and are sold out on all retail platforms.

3. The Andre 3000 Tretorn sneaker

The Andre 3000 Tretorn sneaker (Image via Tretorn)

In 2018, the Swedish brand collaborated with the American artist Andre 3000 of the popular Outkast group to create a collection of sneakers inspired by Andre's personal connection to the classic Nylite while growing up in Atlanta. The upper layer of the sneakers is dressed in crisp baby blue leather detailing with the laces, arrow logo, and ribbed soles left in white to create an artful contrast.

For the collection, the Nylite silhouette reflects the singer's playful spirit and unique style. The sneakers sold for 140 US Dollars upon their release and are now sold out on all retail platforms.

4. The Stroll White Canvas High Top sneakers

The Stroll White Canvas High Top sneakers (Image via eBay)

Tretorn collaborated with ACNE, another renowned Swedish brand, in 2008 to produce environmentally progressive and gorgeous sneakers. The all-white sneakers are an artful combination of Tretorn's minimalist designs with ACNE's attention to detail. The sneakers feature a high-top unit and ribbed soles. Their versatile and understated silhouette makes it possible to pair them with just about any outfit. The sneakers are available for 129 US Dollars on eLuxury.

5. The Canvas sneakers

The Canvas sneakers (Image via designer wardrobe)

The Swedish brand also collaborated with Comme De Garcon in 2009 to create a successful collection of sneakers worn by celebrities like Kanye West. The Canvas sneakers from the collaboration feature a cream toe cap placed against a black denim waist and tongue.

The sharp white of the shoelaces matches the embroidery lining the edges of the upper area and creates an eye-catching contrast pleasing to the eyes. The brands' logos can be seen at a peak inside the sneakers. The sneakers were released for a price of 50 US Dollars and are currently sold out on all retail platforms.

Tretorn continues to be a renowned brand known for its functional yet chic eco-friendly sneakers.

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