The Korean superstars share a deep bond with their fans.. (Image via BTS (방탄소년단)/ Facebook)

5 BTS fan interactions that remain unforgettable 

BTS and their fans share an extraordinary relationship. Whether it is dedicating concerts to ARMY or checking in on fans via Weverse, the Dynamite septet never hesitates to prove their love for fans.

Dedication to artists, especially those with BTS' stature, can often feel one-sided. Buying tickets, lightsticks, albums, and other merchandise helps fans connect to the band. But when Jungkook holds a mini-concert while live streaming or RM writes long letters on Weverse, the love seems requited.


Here are five wholesome BTS interactions with ARMY that will remind one of the South Korean septet's deep relationship with fans.

Five BTS ARMY unforgettable moments


1) The fan who wanted to sue SUGA


At the 2014 Daejeon Fansign event, a fan could not control her emotions after seeing SUGA in person. Screaming, "Min Yoon-gi, you are a dangerous man," she proceeded to exclaim that she would sue the rapper for making her suffer. SUGA's toothy smile after this unprecedented shout assured viewers that he was amused by it.

Fans continued their tryst of wanting to sue SUGA. The 29-year-old producer has even brought it up during fan events, laughing it off and teasing the fans screaming the phrase. With many fans now wanting to marry him, proposing during livestreams on VLive, or via posters during concerts, one can say that SUGA will always be ARMY's subject of interest.

2) The time RM offered comfort to a fan who spoke about their depression


During a fan sign event, an orange-haired ARMY wanted to tell RM how much the group's music meant to her. As she spoke, she burst into tears, and RM calmed her down. She explained that earlier, she was hospitalized due to depression, and the septet's I Need You gave her the mental strength to get better.


RM comforted her by saying that it was in the past, and being able to come to the event was an achievement too. Everyone had ups and downs, and the important thing was to focus on the future, he concluded.

3) Jungkook flirting on Instagram stories


The Butter group's youngest has been using Instagram ever since he downloaded the application in December 2021. The most memorable interaction to come out of his Instagram adventures was when he was in quarantine after testing positive for the virus in March 2022.

Jungkook replied to quite a few fans' replies to his Q&A story. The funniest responses were him introducing ARMY to a new version of Netflix and chilling, "Do you want to see my cat?" and the 24-year-old singer reading out a Korean tongue twister.

4) ARMY crashing three apps on J-Hope's birthday in 2021


J-Hope's 28th birthday celebration in 2021 was memorable for many reasons. While wearing a light-blue scenic sweater, the BTS rapper tried to interact with fans on Vlive, Weverse, and YouTube, leading to the three applications crashing due to an overwhelming user response.

Eventually, the Chicken Noodle Soup rapper managed to conduct his livestream on YouTube, answering fan questions and blowing out candles over a pretty strawberry cake. J-Hope even hugged the screen when asked to, leaving fans feeling warm as if they were spending time with a close friend.

5) A fanboy showing Jin his dancing skills


For almost two years, BTS' PTD concerts in Los Angeles were the group's first live concert performances. The four-day-long extravaganza yielded many iconic moments, hilarious memes, and wholesome content for ARMY worldwide.

One such moment was when Jin sat at the edge of the stage and nodded his head to the music in the background. A fanboy spotted Jin and danced furiously, making the eldest member of BTS laugh at the fan's antics. Other concertgoers gave the fan his space, allowing Jin and the fan to have their moment.

The Dynamite septet recently wrapped up four sold-out concerts in Las Vegas, turning the American city into Borahegas. This follows closely on the heels of their magnificent Grammy performance, which received the attendees' standing ovation.

BTS is expected to return to Vegas for the Billboard Music Awards on May 15th. The Permission To Dance septet has also announced a new album released on June 13 this year.

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