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5 cheapest Adidas Sneakers available in 2023 

Adidas shoes have caused quite a stir this year, with the likes of the Samba Sneaker selling out quickly because celebrities like Bella Hadid sported them. Over the years, the brand has continued to create innovative products that cater to the needs of the average sneakerhead, and its persistent drive has caused its products to become household names.

The brand focuses on innovation and has come up with the boost technology for its shoes, which has changed the footwear game. What endears the brand to consumers is how pocket-friendly some of their sneakers are, as they offer quality for less.


This list takes a look at the top five sneakers that are currently on sale at the Adidas website with up to 60% off their original prices.

Top 5 budget-friendly Adidas Sneakers available in 2023


1. X-PLR BOOST Shoes

The XPLR BOOST shoes ( Image via Adidas)

These sports shoes come in a trendy design and have durability written all over them. The grey color tone of the upper part of the sneakers contrasts gorgeously with the white insole and outsole, separated by an artful dark grey line. The back of the sneakers is colored a vibrant purple.

The shoes currently sell for $64 on the website, a reduction from their original price of $160.


2. Forum Mid Shoes

Forum Mid Shoes ( Image via Adidas)

These high-top sneakers are versatile not because of their white color, but because their trendy design makes them the perfect complement for any outfit. The design of the sneaker is simple and classic, with the emblems of the brand inscribed on the tongue, clasp, insole, and counter of the sneakers.

These women's sneakers sell for $48 on the website, a reduction from their original price of $120.

3. Runfalcon 3 Running Shoes

The Runfalcon ( Image via Adidas)

These running shoes are as aesthetically pleasing as they are sturdy and durable. The body of the shoes is covered in black embroidery with electric lines running across, a subtle nod to the iconic three stripes of the shoe brand.

The insole and outsoles are bathed in white, making the black stand out with a grey swoop extending from the sole to the toe cap. The shoes are slashed from $65 to $26 on the website.

4. Duramo SL Running Shoes

The Duramo SL (Image via Adidas)

Draped in all black, these shoes are sleek-looking, with the glazed stripes stark against the embroidered body. The brand stripes are printed on the tongue and provide a sharp contrast against the background color of the shoes.

The shoes have been slashed to $49 as against the original $70.

5. Ozelia Shoes

The Ozelia shoes ( Image via Adidas)

These women's shoes come in a gorgeous pink color that is eye-catching. With the Barbiecore trend going strong this year, these beauties would be the perfect addition to any Barbie-themed wardrobe. The design of the shoes is futuristic, with the soles swathed in white and placed against the pink of the body.

The waist of the shoes is adorned with glazed-looking neon pink, creating a three-striped design that is unique. The toe cap features a suede-looking design, and the three stripes trademark is imprinted on the soles and the tongue of the sneakers. These beauties are selling at a discounted price of $44 as against the original $110.


Adidas continues to stay committed to its resolve to provide technologically advanced products while ensuring that they are also aesthetically pleasing. It is this drive that has caused the brand to have a strong following as their sneakers get sold out almost on a daily basis.

Their products appeal to various individualistic preferences, meaning customers will definitely find what they seek. Rush now to the website and grab yourself a good deal on the aforementioned shoes before they get sold out.


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