5 cheapest Air Jordan 2 sneakers to avail in 2023 (Image via official website of Nike)

5 cheapest Air Jordan 2 sneakers to avail in 2023

The global sneaker community has long cherished the legacy of the Air Jordan 2 sneakers. This iconic sneaker, which graced the world in 1986, was a blend of sport and opulence, an Italian-made marvel setting it apart from its contemporaries.

With its luxurious faux lizard skin, absence of the traditional Nike swoosh, and distinctive design lines, it was a statement. As we approach 2023, the brand continues its tradition of excellence by releasing versions of this iconic model that are both affordable and exquisitely designed.


For enthusiasts looking to grab a pair without burning a hole in their pockets, here's a guide to the 5 cheapest Air Jordan 2 sneakers to look out for this year.

Affordable Air Jordan 2 sneakers to avail in 2023


1) Air Jordan 2 Low “QUAI 54”

Air Jordan 2 Low “QUAI 54” (Image via official website of Nike)

A tribute to the famous Quai54 streetball tournament in Paris, the Air Jordan 2 Low “Quai 54” launched on June 30th, 2023. This particular design, bathed in colors inspired by Pan-Africanism, represents two decades of the tournament's legacy.

Available at $170 for men, this sneaker combines style with functionality. Its Nike Air-Sole unit promises comfort, and the rubber outsole ensures versatility for various terrains.

The color palette featuring white, university red, chrome yellow, and black is truly an embodiment of Jordan's style.


2) Air Jordan 2 “Fire Red”

Air Jordan 2 “Fire Red” (Image via official website of Nike)

A colorway that resonates deeply with Jordan fans, the Air Jordan 2 "Fire Red" offers a chic rendition of the classic Chicago Bulls colors. Embracing a predominantly white leather upper, with hints of red outlining its sides and back heel, the sneaker radiates elegance.

Echoing the vibrancy of the Italian flag, its design intricately interweaves red and green trims against the backdrop of white leather.

Slated for release on November 18th, 2023, and priced at $175, it’s a steal for those aiming to make a bold statement.

3) Air Jordan 2 "Black Cement"

Air Jordan 2 "Black Cement" (Image via official website of Nike)

Paying homage to the Air Jordan 3, the Air Jordan 2 “Black Cement” was launched on September 23rd. Flaunting a jet-black tumbled leather upper with nuanced cement grey undertones, this shoe exudes a timeless appeal.

The vintage “Sail” midsole adds character, set against vibrant “University Red” accents. Retailing at $175, it beautifully encapsulates Jordan's retro charm.

4) Air Jordan 2 ‘Origins’

Air Jordan 2 ‘Origins’ (Image via official website of Nike)

Drenched in history and Italian finesse, the 'Origins' from Air Jordan 2 sneakers is set to dazzle the market.

Releasing on November 18, 2023, for $175, it revisits the rich Italian heritage of the original Air Jordan 2.

The sneaker sports a pristine white leather canvas punctuated by red and green – a nod to the Italian flag. Reminiscent of the premium craftsmanship from 1986, this model from Air Jordan 2 sneakers is a blend of the past and present.

5) Air Jordan 2 Low “Sky J Orange”

Air Jordan 2 Low “Sky J Orange” (Image via official website of Nike)

A tantalizing treat for the ladies, the Air Jordan 2 Low “Sky J Orange” is vibrancy incarnate.

Released on August 10th at a budget-friendly price of $150, this exclusive pair of earthy orange with regal purple, creates a visual delight.

Its luxurious suede finish, coupled with a traditional plastic support structure in the rear, makes it an absolute must-have.

2023 offers a fresh batch of Air Jordan 2 sneakers. Each shoe reflects the brand's deep history and is affordable along with being top-quality. The Air Jordan 2 sneakers showcase rich craftsmanship. They mix comfort, style, and memories which both collectors and new fans will appreciate and give a glimpse of Jordan's iconic touch.

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