Cheapest Asics sneakers on their website (Image via Asics)

5 cheapest Asics sneakers to avail in 2023

Asics, a leading Japanese multinational sportswear brand, has built a strong reputation in the sneaker industry for its high-quality shoes. The brand is well-regarded for the performance of its running shoes, and they come highly recommended by podiatrists.

Featuring advanced technologies like Flytefoam for responsive and springy rides and Trustic System units that stabilize the midfoot and reduce injury, the brand has worked its way to become a strong competitor for leading brands like Nike and Adidas.


Asics sneakers come in trendy and unique styles and have been spotted on more than a few celebrities like Kaia Gerber, Elizabeth Olsen, and Natalie Portman. Another key quality that endears the sneakers to sneakerheads is their affordability.

The sneakers sell for as low as 69 US Dollars on the brand's website and are good deals for your money.


The cheapest Asics sneakers you can find on their website

Below is a carefully curated list of Asics sneakers deals you won't believe exist.


1. The GEL-KAYANO 29

The GEL-KAYANO 29 (Image via Asics)

This revitalized version of the popular GEL-KAYANO silhouette offers premium protection for longer runs with more technologically advanced cushioning and support units.

Dressed in a sleek Sheet Rock and Pure Silver colorway, the shoes perfectly blend vanity and comfort. The upper part of the shoe features a metallic silver striped overlay against textured embroidery.


The soles are equally impressive, with greyish outsoles contrasting beautifully against the white insoles. A translucent cushioning unit is placed at the back of the soles to protect the feet while running.

The shoes are currently being sold for 99.95 US Dollars on the brand's website.


The GEL-CUMULUS 24 for men (Image via Asics)

These men's sneakers come in an impressive colorway of blue and shocking orange and are lined with black embroidery for a colorful effect. The shoes are fitted with midsole foams to create softer landings and more energized rebounds for the wearer. The cushioning foams increase shock absorption and protect the feet. The impressive technology is combined with a gorgeous exterior to make the shoes difficult to overlook.


Shop these quality shoes for 89.95 US Dollars on the brand's website.

3. The GEL-CUMULUS 24 for women

The GEL-CUMULUS 24 for women (Image via Asics)

These women's sneakers combine protection technology, fashion, and durability in one package. The sneakers are bathed in electric blue, orange, and grey hues.


The orange-tinted outsole extends to the toe cap in a gorgeous arc, and the blue translucent cushioning unit contrasts against the white midsoles to create a futuristic look. The brand logo can be seen on the waist, at the back, and inside the shoes.

Purchase a pair for 79.95 US Dollars on the brand's website.

4. The GT-1000 11

The GT-1000 11 for women (Image via Asics)

These neutral everyday women's trainers are dualistic as they are perfect for daily runs and can be fashionably styled with casual outfits. These versions of the GT-1000 have been fitted with midsole cushioning with lower density than the previous version.


The shoes also feature GEL technology, creating softer landings and smoother running transitions. The shoes are dressed in an attractive violet and pink colorway that expresses feminity. The elongated and chunky outsoles enhance the shoe's sturdy appearance.

The white insoles add a neutral hue to the bold and colorful aesthetic. Shop these top-notch shoes for 69.95 US Dollars on the brand's website.

5. The GT-1000 11 for men

The GT-1000 11 for men (Image via Asics)

The shoes embody fashion and sports and are perfect as gym shoes or for casual hangouts with friends. The shoes are designed for an active lifestyle with FLYTEFOAM technology to cushion the midsole and LITERUSS technology to reduce pronation. Another impressive quality of the sneakers is their attractive colorway of grey, neon green, and black.

You can purchase a pair for 69.95 US Dollars on the brand's website.


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