Two of Kelly Bullwinkle's friends were sentenced in her 2003 killing (Image via Irfan Khan/Getty Images, Bonnie's Blog of Crime)

5 chilling details about Kelly Bullwinkle's murder

Crafton Hills College student Kelly Bullwinkle's body was discovered in a shallow grave in the Ghost Town area of Redlands, California, weeks after she went missing in 2003.

She was last seen leaving her place of work at a local restaurant on September 13 and her body was discovered in the first week of October. She was shot to death.


An investigation into Bullwinkle's case, which initially started as a missing person's report, led authorities to believe that someone close to her was involved in the killing. Two of her best friends, Kinzie Noordman and Damien Guerrero, were later linked to the case and charged with the 18-year-old's killing.

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A crucial tip, a shocking confession, and 3 other facts to know about Kelly Bullwinkle's murder

1) Bullwinkle was last seen leaving her workplace on September 13, 2003

PAROLE REVERSED: The killer of Kelly Bullwinkle was recently granted parole, but it was reversed last week by @CAgovernor Read about it at #justice #murder #Victims #redlands

Kelly Bullwinkle went missing in September 2003. The 18-year-old's mother was away at work in the Coast Guard and she herself worked part-time at a local fast-food restaurant called Baker’s Drive-Thru.

Bullwinkle was last seen leaving the restaurant on September 13 after her shift and was reported missing two days later. The missing person's investigation was initiated soon after.


2) Her body was found in a shallow grave near the orange groves in San Timoteo Canyon

The missing person's investigation into Bullwinkle's disappearance stopped when three men playing paintball found her body near the orange groves in San Timoteo Canyon. According to reports, they called the authorities after discovering body parts sticking out of a shallow grave that was covered by a disposed-of couch.

Following an autopsy, the medical examiner concluded that she had been shot twice, once fatally in the front of the head and once in the side of the head, with the bullet just grazing her. Additionally, authorities discovered .25-caliber shell casings inside the grave. Her car was found abandoned at Ontario Mills.


3) Authorities initially believed Kelly Bullwinkle's murder was a drug-related case

During the investigation into Kelly Bullwinkle's disappearance, her friend Kinzie Noordman tried to mislead authorities by pointing at drug dealers (Image via MediaNews Group/Getty Images)

One of Bullwinkle's friends, Kinzie Noordman, had previously told authorities that the 18-year-old was into drugs and was in touch with a number of sketchy people and drug dealers. Noordman also gave them the names of two local drug dealers, Jim Duncan and Bob Kirkland, who just happened to be in custody for an unrelated car theft case.

Both suspects asserted that they were not involved in the killing and stated their alibi, claiming that they were committing crimes all over Redlands, including burglaries and a s*xual assault, at the time of the incident. Investigators also found bloody clothes at their house and officially ruled them out as suspects in Kelly Bullwinkle's murder.

4) A crucial tip led authorities to Damien Guerrero, one of the victim's close friends

Kelly Bullwinkle allegedly had a crush on one of her close friends, Damien Guerrero, who already had a girlfriend. Investigators then learned from one of the victim's friends that Guerrero owned a gun.

Upon confirming, they found that his gun was identical to the one used to kill the 18-year-old. Guerrero claimed that he was at the movies with Noordman on the night of the incident, after which he met his girlfriend.


5) Kinzie Noordman finally confessed to the killing of Kelly Bullwinkle

Damien Guerrero and Kinzie Noordman were charged with murder in Kelly Bullwinkle's 2003 killing (Image via MediaNews Group/Getty Images)

While being questioned about the night of the murder, Kinzie Noordman confessed that she was with Bullwinkle on the night she was murdered. Noordman claimed that she, along with Damien Guerrero, only intended to scare her with a gun.

But Guerrero accidentally shot the 18-year-old, injuring her in the process. Noordman claimed that she then shot her in the head and the two then buried her body in a shallow grave before heading to the mall to establish an alibi.

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