Sasha Samsudean (L) was reportedly assaulted by the security guard Stephen Duxbury (R) (Images via Reddit/@fatimhemraj and Twitter/@OrlandoPolice)

5 details about Sasha Samsudean's murder

In the early hours of October 17, 2015, Orlando resident Sasha Samsudean died due to strangulation after she was reportedly assaulted by the security guard of her apartment complex, Stephen Duxbury. Sasha, a bright 27-year-old social media manager at, was dropped home in an inebriated state by two women who assumed she would be safe with a security guard in the complex.

However, surveillance footage recovered by the investigators revealed Duxbury's crime as he misused his access to the building.


The case will soon feature in the See No Evil episode titled No Place Like Home. Season 6 episode 2 will re-air on Investigation Discovery on Tuesday, December 5, 2023, at 6 pm EST and the synopsis of the same reads:

"When young professional Sasha Samsudean disappears after a night out in downtown Orlando, Florida, detectives turn to video surveillance footage to unravel the mystery and bring Sasha's killer to justice."


Sasha Samsudean's last text, evidence against Stephen Duxbury, and more details about the case

1) Sasha Samsudean was dropped home by two strangers


Sasha was at a soccer game with her friends following which she visited the Attic Nightclub in downtown Orlando. According to her friend Anthony Roper's statement, Sasha left the establishment at about 12:30 am on October 17, 2015, and made her way to her residence at Uptown Place Condominiums on foot. Her house was about 10 minutes away from the club.

While she was walking, she was spotted by two women, Julia Goff and her roommate, who were in an Uber. The duo dropped her off at her apartment complex, where they met the building security guard. The two women left once Sasha was inside.


2) Sasha's last text was to her high school friend Ben

Sasha Samsudean's phone records showed that she had last texted her high school friend Ben at 5:12 am. Sasha and Ben were supposed to meet each other that weekend and the two had briefly dated, as per Oxygen. Ben was reportedly at a friend's house all night. His DNA samples were collected and his involvement in the case was eventually ruled out.

Another of Sasha's ex-boyfriends, Taylor, who was a bartender, was questioned as a suspect. He was at work till 9:30 pm the night of the murder. His DNA sample ruled him out as well.


3) Stephen Duxbury stalked Sasha Samsudean for 40 minutes

After Sasha was dropped off at her building, Stephen Duxbury stalked her for 40 minutes in the building. Duxbury mostly made use of common spaces without cameras to conceal himself and accessed several sealed doors.

Duxbury's appearance on the security footage was contrary to the statement he gave, in which he stated that he witnessed Sasha drunkenly make her way to her apartment door. According to his account, he mentioned that he left work at 6 am. However, the footage featured him carrying two white refuse bags at 6:36 am and then re-entering the building a moment later.


4) Authorities found an overwhelming amount of evidence against Duxbury at the crime scene

A conflicting statement and a successful polygraph test made the 24/7 security guard at the Uptown Place Apartment complex the main suspect in Samsudean's murder. His fingerprints matched the ones under the toilet seat and on the nightstand at the victim's house.

Duxbury's DNA samples also matched swabs taken from Sasha Samsudean's neck and chest. A partial shoeprint discovered at Sasha's apartment matched Duxbury's boots as well.

Stephen Duxbury's phone records showed a web search at around 5 am on how to override a Kwikset digital lock - one that was installed at Sasha's apartment. The crime scene showed no signs of forced entry. The refuse bags Duxbury carried out on the morning of October 17, 2013, were also traced back to Sasha's apartment.

A still from the security cameras in Uptown Place (Image via Orlando Police Department)

5) Duxbury was sentenced to two life sentences

Stephen Duxbury was arrested on October 30, 2015, and found guilty of first-degree murder, attempted s*xual battery, and burglary. He received two life sentences without parole for the murder of Sasha Samsudean and an additional 15 years for burglary charges.

Stephen Duxbury presently remains incarcerated at the Graceville Correctional Facility in Jackson County, Florida.

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See No Evil will delve into the case when it airs on Investigation Discovery at 6 pm EST on Tuesday, December 5, 2023.


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