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5 K-pop idols who can be called 4th gen visuals

The fourth-generation (4th gen) K-pop idols are known for their unique visuals, youthful vibe, and fresh sound. While their music might be making waves in Korea and the rest of the world, many find their beautiful visuals impossible to ignore.

Those not well-versed with K-pop and Korean culture might find the idea of picking a singular member from a group as the best-looking to be absurd. But the visual is not just someone with the most aesthetically pleasing looks.


They should be charismatic, both on and off stage, and attract attention from viewers. Most of all, however, the "visual" of a group should draw in more fans with their allure.

The 5 best visuals from the 4th generation of K-pop

aespa has one of the best rap line and vocal line in fourth gen kpop its not even up for debate.

The newest generation of K-pop focuses on individuality, teamwork, and music that represents the youth. The concepts are bigger and more elaborate than ever, with special importance given to developing the story of their album. The visuals are enhanced to complement the music as well, making the music a well-rounded experience.


Here are five K-pop idols who can be termed 4th gen visuals.

1) ATEEZ's Yeosang

congratulations to kang yeosang from ateez for being the original visual of 4th gen male idols

Part of "99z" line of ATEEZ, Yeosang is known for his princely beauty and boyish charms that make him approachable despite his fierce on-stage persona. ATEEZ has mastered the duality of character and expression when on stage.

Yeosang, in particular, has a playful and naughty personality that has led fans to refer to him as "Maltese" or "Doberman," both spirited species of dogs. He is also very shy in real life, and this bashfulness only adds to his appeal.

The singer has also worked hard on his body to develop an enviable set of abs that enhances his intimidating stares when he performs and serves as a contrast when the other members are poking fun at him during concerts.

2) TXT's Hueningkai


TOMORROW X TOGETHER is a 4th generation group made up of beautiful visual members. However, what sets Hueningkai apart from the rest of the group is his mixed heritage, inherent clumsiness, and aegyo (cuteness).

The 2002-born singer has been capturing attention for his unique yet spellbinding visuals since TXT's debut. He started off as an adorable youngster with full cheeks but has evolved to become a young man who can pull off both colorful and dark concepts with confidence.

The group's recent release Good Boy Gone Bad shows Hueningkai's ability to pull off a never-before-seen look, dressed in black lace-inspired clothing that highlights the young singer's visuals even more.

3) ITZY's Ryujin

Ryujin's visual, best rapper, dancer, center, EVERYTHING. This is her era. That's it, that's the tweet.


With sharp features that both defy and fall into Korea's beauty standards, ITZY's Ryujin has attracted much attention from netizens due to her unique visuals. Radiating the "girl crush" vibe of the all-female group from JYP Entertainment, the 21-year-old singer is the lead dancer of ITZY.

The 4th generation idol has incredible natural beauty, allowing her to rock a no-makeup look, evident in her YouTube vlogs. On stage, she exudes the magnetism of a dancer and makes even seemingly unflattering styles look good.

An example of this would be her double-logo longsleeved top from her Studio Choom performance. While fans were disappointed with the stylist's choice, many marveled that Ryujin was able to pull off the questionable piece so well. It proves why she is often considered the representative visual of 4th gen girl groups.

4) aespa's Karina


Since they became the only 4th gen girl group to perform at Coachella in 2022, aespa has received a lot of attention from global fans, especially their visual members, Winter and Karina.

Karina has been likened to having a face that seems to be created with computer graphics (CG) because her beauty seems unreal. Her small face highlights her soft visuals and solitary beauty spots under her lower lip. While performing, she oozes a powerful aura that represents aespa well.

5) Stray Kids' Felix

felix's visual is no joke
#Felix #StrayKids

Stray Kids' Felix has a sweet personality and a kind face that radiates beauty and power when he is performing. What makes the 2000-born singer especially striking is his deep baritone voice that contrasts his goofy yet cute personality in real life.

In the 4th gen group's God's Menu, Felix's "Cookin' like a chef, I'm a 5-star Michelin" line is considered one of the most iconic verses, surprising almost all viewers at first glance. The singer utilizes the fact that he can surprise people with his voice, transforming his on-stage persona into a formidable performer to watch for.

Additionally, Felix was chosen as one of the visuals in the Kingdom's Sports Day episode, where all the groups they thought were the most good-looking. This makes him a visual idol chosen by peers.

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