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5 lesser-known facts about Chris Evans

Owing to his association with the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the mighty Captain America, Chris Evans has been in the limelight for quite some time. With his recent Netflix release, The Gray Man, in which he starred alongside an ensemble cast that included Ryan Gosling, Evans has been receiving appreciation from around the world.

Chris Evans calling Ryan Gosling "a Ken doll" in The Gray Man is *chef's kiss*

Evans' acting career officially began in 1997 and he has played a wide range of roles ever since. However, most of his early roles are largely unknown as he only shot to fame in the 2000s and then became who he is today after playing Captain America.

So, here are some unknown facts about Chris Evans that will tell you more about the charming Marvel star.


Things you probably didn't know about Chris Evans


1) Evans once starred in a Marilyn Manson music video.

In 2001, Marilyn Manson made a cover for the song Tainted Love, specifically for Not Another Teen Movie, which starred Chris Evans among others. The cast featured in the video for the song as their respective characters.

Chris Evans in 'Tainted Love' (Image via Insider)

Chris Evans, in the movie and the video, played Jake Wyler, a footballer who gets dumped by the head cheerleader and then becomes a part of a complicated plan to turn a nerdy friend into a prom queen. Although the plot sounds cliched, it's probably what they were going for at the time.

Not Another Teen Movie is Captain America’s origin story.

Evans himself spoke about his role in the video several times in the past as it was one of his earliest works.


2) On set, Evans' nickname is 'Captain Little Ass.'

It was given to him by Anthony Mackie, who in return also got the nickname, 'Falcon Big Butt.' While we can never have enough information on what happens on the sets of the Marvel movies, Chris Evans is one of the calmer cast members of the Avengers.

Chris Evans as Captain America (Image via Comic Book Movies)

Chris Evans himself revealed the truth about his on-set nickname and it was taken further by Mackie himself, who claims to have given him the name when he saw him on set for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The two seem to take the joke in good humor, which hints at where all the on-screen chemistry between the Marvel characters comes from.


3) Chris Evans was rejected for a role in Spielberg's West Side Story.

If you follow any news about Evans on the internet, you probably already know that he always wanted to do a musical. He recently revealed that he had tried hard to get into West Side Story but wasn't cast in any role because his age did not suit any of the characters.

A still from West Side Story (Image via Screen Daily)

From the roles he is now into, it wouldn't seem like he is someone who will fit into a musical, but Evans did talk about his love for West Side Story and how he was a part of it in school. From what he says, there's a good chance he will continue pursuing a role in a musical and maybe star in it someday.


4) Captain America wasn't Evans' first superhero film.

In 2005, Evans played the Human Torch (Johnny Storm) in Fantastic Four. Although the sequel to the film didn't take off as well, this is his first official superhero movie. This is also his first Marvel movie, contrary to popular belief.

Evans as Human Torch (Image via Cinema Blend)

Funnily enough, Chris Evans is also the actor who has done the most number of comic book movies - Push (2009) and The Losers (2010) are the most unpopular names on the list.


5) Chris Evans rejected the role of Captain America, twice.

It has been in buzz lately that it took a great deal of convincing for Evans to accept the role of Captain America and become part of the franchise. The biggest reason he didn't want to do the movie - his mother revealed - was that he was afraid of losing his anonymity. The fame that came with the franchise does have a downside.

Chris Evans as Captain America (Image via Polygon)

However, it was his mother who convinced him into taking up the role. It is also said that Robert Downey Jr. played a huge role in convincing Evans to become captain America. Had it not been for all that persuasion, we'd have never seen the star Evans grew into.


Despite a majority of his roles being larger than life, Chris Evans has proved time and again that he is one brilliant actor with great range. Right from the start of his career, he has portrayed a plethora of characters from all ends of the spectrum and has done films that were commercially successful and critically acclaimed - Gifted is one such film.

His most recent Netflix film, The Gray Man with the Russo Brothers, is an action flick that brings out some great moves from him, his equally popular co-star Ryan Gosling, and some great technicians too.

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