Tiktok fashion influencers hold quite the sway today (Image by Style Crisis)

5 TikTok fashion influencers to follow for jazzing up your winter style

Gargi Harjai

TikTok has attracted a global audience since its launch. The app has influenced multiple brands and celebrities to team up with its fashion influencers for unique and impactful campaigns.

The social media platform, which started with short dance-video content, has become a prominent destination for stylists, influencers, fashion designers, and enthusiasts. They ensure to use this platform to share their creative sides in fashion with their followers.


We came up with a few fashion influencers who will keep you on-trend and get you pretty excited to get out of bed and change into cute-trendy clothes.

They will guide you through a whole de rigueur and give you helpful tips such as best dressing styles for your body type, wardrobe makeovers, bag organizing, and perfect shoe finding.

A few fashion influencers on the social media platform (Image by WWD)

Five prominent TikTok fashion influencers to keep an eye on


1) Nava Rose

Nava Rose is a Filipino artist based in Los Angeles. The 29-year-old is famous for her DIY ventures in fashion and her inventive ways of sewing.

Rose has a massive fan following of over 5.6 million people on TikTok. She has excellent street style with an outfit for every kind, from BTS-inspired ensembles to emoji-inspired get-ups.


2) Leonie Hanne

Leonie Hanne is a designer who recreates supermodels' looks, puts up vlogs about her fashion trips, and gives us daily outfit inspos.

According to her:

"The most exciting thing about TikTok is that even after doing social media for so many years, I never know what will go viral. I do have strong feelings and ideas on what could be more engaging, but it's often a surprise, so I always try to stay updated and ahead of the trends. I've focused on fashion from the beginning, and that's still the content that performs best for me! I regularly check for new music and new fashion trends and share whatever inspires me the most. Being authentic and sharing my love of fashion is normally what works best, plus it's the most fun."

The Germany-born fashion influencer with over 1 million followers on TikTok is the queen of fashion videos. She is highly experienced and sought after for "luxury" projects. Hanne has also been part of global campaigns for brands like Louis Vuitton and La Mer.


3) Fashion Influx (Lydia Rose)

Lydia Rose, popularly known as 'fashioninflux', is a fashion blogger, social media influencer, content creator, and YouTuber. She has a bachelor's degree in English.

With over 3 million followers, Lydia has gained a huge fan following for fashion advice and ideas. She won the award Best New Fashion Blog at the Cosmo Blog Awards.

4) MoxeB (Maha Gondal)


MoxeB is fairly new to TikTok but has gained a considerable following in a short period. We know how difficult it is to rise in an already-set-in-its-way OTT platform.

Maha shares a unique perspective in the field of fashion and often spots it-brands and tips about how to accessorize or layer like a pro. She is also one of the first TikTokers to land a campaign with brands like Champion and Coach earlier this year.

5) Denise Mercedes

Denise is a Dominican-American body-positive fashion blogger and model. She is also the founder of #becauseitsmybody and #stylenotsize. The online star takes up the cause of body shaming and continuously busts the myth that curvier bodies shouldn't wear clingy, revealing clothes.


Alongside her best friend Maria Castellanos, Mercedes poses in the same outfits used by regular models to promote the cause of #stylenotsize. She has endorsed several brands such as Shein, Forever21, and Target. Certainly an inspiration!

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