BTS members often support each other in solo ventures as when Jimin turned up for a SUGA concert on his AGUST D World Tour. (Image via Instagram/ @j.m)

5 times BTS members supported each other's solo projects

It has been almost nine months since BTS members announced their decision to focus on solo ventures and the subsequent military enlistment of Jin and more recently, j-hope.

While fans certainly do miss the interactions of the whole group, they are now also learning to cherish the little moments of support that the bandmates offer each other. From flying across continents for another member's concert to writing words of encouragement on Weverse and Instagram, BTS members have had each other's back through this break that they have taken from group activities.


Five members have already released their solo albums with support and encouragement from the others. Jung Kook and V are also expected to release their solo albums by 2025, the year that BTS is expected to reunite.

Showing up for music video recordings, attending j-hope's release party, and other times BTS members encouraged each other


1) Jimin showing up for j-hope and SUGA at Lollapalooza 2022 and the AGUST D concert, respectively

you just need a park jimin in ur life

Jimin has made it a point to support the BTS members in whatever capacity he can. For j-hope's headlining stint at Lollapalooza 2022, the Like Crazy singer flew in from South Korea to support him. As shown in the documentary j-hope IN THE BOX, the rapper was extremely grateful for Jimin's presence even though he could not join him on stage.

Likewise, Jimin, who was in New York to attend the opening of Tiffany & Co.'s store, made an appearance at the AGUST D 'D-DAY' concert at Newark’s Prudential Center.

The two also did their first-ever livestream together after the concert ended, with Jimin laughing about SUGA's guitar string breaking while he was tuning it on stage and the Haegeum rapper telling Jimin to write more songs so he could perform in a solo concert too.


2) SUGA's guitar carrying messages from all BTS members

seesaw was planed to be ot7 song, but now is yoongi singing and playing the guitar signed by members 7 FOREVER

#AgustD_SUGA_Tour #D_DAY_TOUR #SUGA_AgustD_TOUR_in_NewYork…

SUGA is currently on his first-ever solo tour, but he carried a part of BTS with him. The acoustic guitar that he plays during a specially mastered version of Seesaw during concerts has been signed by all the members (Jin and j-hope included) along with messages of encouragement.

Fans are especially touched because Trivia 轉: Seesaw is the rapper-producer’s solo song from BTS' Love Yourself: Answer, and was originally meant to be a group song. The gesture meant a lot to ARMYs because it was SUGA's way of carrying the love and support of the other six BTS members with him in a tangible way.

3) All members posting about maknae Jung Kook's Dreamers performance at the FIFA 2022 World Cup

#RM insta story
"DREAMERS" performance by #Jungkook
in FIFA World Cup
opening ceremony
#Qatar2022    | #FIFAWorldCup…

Jung Kook's performance at the opening ceremony of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar might not have been a solo concert, but it was a stage that might be considered one of the biggest in football (or soccer). BTS members were very proud of their youngest member for performing at the ceremony and expressed their excitement through their personal Instagram and Weverse accounts.

BTS' RM, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, and V tuned in to watch Jung Kook and posted about the same on their social media, calling the Dreamers singer "cool" and appreciating his performance.

SUGA even seemed nostalgic about the Euphoria singer growing up, as he posted his thoughts on Jung Kook's livestream after the ceremony was over.

4) BTS members visiting each other's music video sets and music show pre-recordings

Hobi visit Jimin on his Like crazy MV set! Awww JIHOPE. Hoseok best boy. Hoseok also brought snacks. 🥹…

Ever since the group redirected its focus to solo activities, one can see that they respect and support each other in whichever way they can. Rapper j-hope has been to the music video sets of Jimin and SUGA, BTS' V visited j-hope's MORE video recording, and j-hope and SUGA showed up at Jimin's music show recordings.

ARMYs found it touching to see the clear bonding and love that comes across when BTS members go out of their way to surprise each other in their solo enterprises as well.

5) BTS members at j-hope's Jack in the Box Pre-release listening party

bts members at jitb listening party ♡📸

To promote his first solo album, j-hope organized a pre-release listening party for his friends and Korean industry bigwigs, which would not be complete without BTS.

All the members (except SUGA who was unwell) turned up to encourage the Arson rapper and were seen grooving to music and shouting cheers for j-hope. Jin, who confessed to reading webnovels at the party, stayed for a long time and was seen whispering to the rapper about his music.

Apart from the instances mentioned above, BTS members frequently post about each other's music and shows on Instagram and Weverse. RM and Jimin even promoted their albums on SUGA's YouTube interview show Suchwita, which he admitted to having started to give his teammates a place where they could freely talk about their music.

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