SEVENTEEN wearing the costumes that they performed in at the Golden Disk Awards 2023. (Image via Twitter/ @svt_fashion3)

5 times SEVENTEEN went viral at the 2023 Golden Disk Awards

K-pop group SEVENTEEN has been slowly taking over the world, with the thirteen-member team leaving its mark on the recently held 37th Golden Disk Awards (GDAs) on January 7, 2023. They won three awards during the award ceremony, namely Best Performance, Best Album (Bonsang), and Thai K-pop Artist.

The group, which will complete eight years since their debut in 2015, caught the attention of netizens for various reasons, including spellbinding visuals, performing fan-favorite songs, and heartwarming interactions with other K-pop groups. SEVENTEEN has recently wrapped up their World Tour, and their appearance at the 2023 Golden Disk Awards proved that they're still at the top of their game.


Wonwoo's spellbinding visuals, the debut of Don Quixote's live performance, and more viral SEVENTEEN moments at the Golden Disk Awards (GDA) 2023

1) When Dino was escorted back to his own group

Often referred to as the "future of K-pop," Dino, SEVENTEEN's youngest member, took his title a little too seriously as he took a seat with fourth-generation group Stray Kids. Considering the large number of members in the HOT group, Dino almost got away with his alternative seating arrangement.


However, he was caught by a staff member, who gently grabbed his wrist and pushed him toward the other members. The whole interaction caused fans to joke that Dino just wanted to get away from his hyungs (older brothers), who incessantly teased him.

2) The long-awaited Don Quixote debut stage where they killed it with their presence

The front view of the whole performance where you can hear them screaming that singers SING no matter how hard the choreography is
@pledis_17 #SEVENTEEN

One of the B-sides of their latest album, Face The Sun, Don Quixote has been admired by many fans for its unique approach to the classic tale. Slowly moving its way into the list of CARAT's favorite songs, the performance onstage at the 2023 Golden Disk Awards was a revelation for viewers.


Filled with amazing skills that won them the Best Performance award, SEVENTEEN put on a blockbuster stage with synchronicity and killer vocals, making the whole audience "feel the vibes."

3) The Jeonghan fan-cam where his underrated dance skills came into foray

This jeonghan fancam, again proving seventeen has all excellent dancers and the reason every group debuting today is focused on having all good dancers in the group
@pledis_17 #SEVENTEEN

As part of the Vocal Team, Jeonghan is known for his amazing voice that carries the Pretty You group through both energetic and emotional tracks. However, as part of SEVENTEEN, he also has enviable dance skills that might often get overlooked in favor of his vocals.


Jeonghan not only aced all the dance moves but his incredible facial expressions throughout the tracklist (especially Don Quixote) also added a layer of charisma and intensity that elevated the performance and made it impossible for one to look away.

4) Just leader S.Coups powerfully leading his members to their seats

Scoups just walking and leading the whole team behind him
@pledis_17 #SEVENTEEN

This viral clip proves why S.Coups is often considered one of the most intimidating leaders in K-pop. He may come across as scary, but he always puts his members' needs before him and cares about them in his own way.

In the clip, the Clap group follows their leader to their assigned seating chart. They even seem to walk in synchrony, wearing well-fitted costumes, ready to draw attention with nothing but their aura. Perhaps this is why the videographer often panned the main camera to where SEVENTEEN was seated, guaranteeing loud screams from the audience.

5) Wonwoo going viral because of his visuals throughout the 2023 Golden Disk Awards

Wonwoo is just standing and boom 1.5M views
@pledis_17 #SEVENTEEN

SEVENTEEN's Wonwoo is known to win hearts for his fierce stage persona and spitfire rap when he isn't attracting attention for his spellbinding visuals. At the 2023 Golden Disk Awards ceremony, many audience members were drawn to Jeon Won-woo's all-black look, complete with his signature round glasses and a deep neckline.

Apart from his well-styled existence becoming a viral moment, fans appreciated his verse during the performance of Don Quixote, calling it one of the highlights of the song, which in itself was a long time coming.

#JEONGHAN CDG arrived for Paris Fashion Week

Following their appearance at the Golden Disk Awards 2023, SEVENTEEN's Jeonghan is all set to attend Paris Fashion Week after being invited by Yves Saint Laurent. He has already landed in the French capital, and his appearance at the prestigious fashion show is being looked forward to by fans around the world.

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