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BTS' V for Spotify K-Pop On! (Image via X/ @ujiminphoria)

 9 favorite K-pop songs that BTS' V can't stop listening to: NewJeans' Hype Boy, SEVENTEEN's Super, and more

Following BTS' V's solo debut with the release of his full-length album, Layover, on September 8, 2023, the idol appeared on Spotify's K-Pop On! official YouTube Channel the next day to sit down for an interview and play some games. Out of the several games that the idol took part in, one had him creating a Bingo board of his current favorite K-pop songs.

While the idol's music taste has always leaned more towards the unconventional, fans were surprised to see the nine favorite K-pop songs that BTS' V named. In addition to naming the songs, he also briefly commented on the song and why it was his favorite.


Since the idol is a great fan of games, ARMYs found the entire segment quite adorable and exciting as they watched him enthusiastically participate in the same.


From SEVENTEEN to NewJeans: BTS' V names his 9 favorite songs by K-pop artists

1) Hype Boy by NewJeans


The first on BTS' V's list was Hype Boy, the debut song of the rookie group, NewJeans, which dominated the internet with its catchy lyrics and choreography. The song that was released on July 23, 2022, effortlessly became a favorite among listeners, with several people around the world participating in its dance challenge, including V himself.

When asked about his Hype Boy dance challenge with NewJeans, he expressed that it was the girls' suggestion and he didn't take more than 10 minutes to learn the choreography. He also got up to showcase a bit of the choreography he learned while singing the song.


2) Bite Me by ENHYPEN

Another song he picked from his label juniors' discography was ENHYPEN's Bite Me which was released on May 22, 2023. The song, with its impressive choreography and effortlessly addictive melody naturally sat on the idol's bingo card. Speaking about the group, BTS' V also expressed:

"They're our company little bros."

3) Eve, Psyche, & The Bluebeard’s wife by LE SSERAFIM

Yet another song from HYBE's artists was LE SSERAFIM's viral B-side track, Eve, Psyche, & The Bluebeard’s Wife, whose music video was released on May 23, 2023. The song garnered much attention for its unique choreography and addictively repetitive chorus. BTS' V himself showcased a bit of the choreography that seemed to have caught his eye.

4) SEVEN feat. Latto by Jung Kook

Moving on to include his fellow BTS members, BTS' V chose the recent single released on July 14, 2023, by the group's maknae to place as the next song on his list.

"He's our youngest," he said.

SEVEN, which featured the American rapper Latto in the track and the famous K-drama actress Han So-hee in the music video, was an effortless commercial hit while also bagging a solid fanbase for itself.

5) The 7th Sense by NCT U

The next on the list for BTS' V came as a surprise to many, since it's been years since the song's release. The debut song of NCT U, The 7th Sense, which included the members Mark, Ten, Taeyong, Doyoung, and Jaehyun, was released on April 9, 2016, and the unique yet addictive song cemented the group's reputation.

"I just still love this song so much. The music video is so cool and beautiful," V said.

6) Love Me Again by V

After a short run of all his favorite K-pop artists, the idol didn't forget to mention his own work on his Bingo board.


The pre-release track, Love Me Again, which was released on August 9, 2023, was the official beginning of the idol's solo musical journey and it was undoubtedly much loved by the fans as they discussed how well the genre suits BTS' V.

7) Better Things by aespa

While BTS' V didn't get to elaborate on the reason behind aespa's Better Things being on his list of favorite K-pop songs, it doesn't come as a surprise due to the song's peppy and cheery melody. The track that sits as the group's most recent single was released on August 18, 2023, and was much loved by K-pop fans.

8) Super by SEVENTEEN

Another track on BTS' V's list that doesn't come as a surprise is SEVENTEEN's Super. The track, which was released as one of the two title tracks of their recent full-length album, FML, was a huge hit, with several people engaging in its dance challenges.

Additionally, given that SEVENTEEN and BTS members are known to be close friends with one another, the song's presence on the list was all the more natural.


9) Slow Dancing by V

The last track on the list is the title track of BTS' V's solo debut album, Layover, called Slow Dancing.

The song that was released on September 8, 2023, along with the rest of his album tracks immediately grew to become a fan-favorite and ARMYs have been consistently streaming the song to showcase their support to the idol.

Following the release of the list of BTS' V's favorite K-pop songs, fans have also been supporting these songs while simultaneously streaming the idol's solo songs from his album, Layover.

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