Prince Louis stole everyone's hearts with his antics during the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations (Image via Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

“Being iconic as always”: Slew of Prince Louis memes ensue following Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

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Prince Louis stole the show on Sunday's Platinum Pageant, which marked the conclusion of Queen Elizabeth II's four-day extravagant Platinum Jubilee celebrations. The bonanza commemorates the 70th anniversary of the Queen's reign as the Queen of the United Kingdom and its 14 commonwealth nations since she took the throne in 1952.

This is the second time that the young Prince has won the public's hearts during the Platinum Jubilee celebrations. Netizens ran amok with Prince Louis' entertaining antics at the Trooping the Color ceremony on Thursday, June 2, but Sunday's event offered up even more fodder for memes.


Prince Louis' unfettered silliness sparks meme fest online

Prince Louis was a ball of energy who could not seem to sit still for too long during the pompous festivities outside Buckingham Palace. Viewers were treated to a plethora of images documenting the pure, unfiltered expressions that the 4-year-old displayed during the fete.

The rambunctious Prince, who is the youngest among his siblings, was a delight to watch as he jumped up and down in his seat, clenched his fists, and pulled a variety of dramatic expressions that were likened to "every expression on the emoji keyboard" by one Twitter user.

We hope you’re enjoying watching the #PlatinumJubileePageant as much as we are! 🤩

At one point, the toddler ran past his two siblings and his father, Prince William, to hop on the lap of his beloved grandfather, Prince Charles. The Prince of Wales has always had a soft spot for his adorable grandson and was more than delighted to entertain him by bouncing him on his legs and drawing his attention to the grand festivities before him.

In a formal event spanning the entire day, Prince Louis was not immune to the inevitable boredom that was bound to strike at some point, resulting in more than a few sulks and furrowed brows that he didn't shy away from.

However, the Prince's face lit up animatedly during the dance performances and fashion show segment of the Pageant, particularly when the performers donned magnificent animal costumes, turning the day into "an incredible time" for the 4-year-old.

We all had an incredible time, especially Louis… (3/3)

W & C

The Prince was left largely unpoliced by his parents, but in one of the highlights of Sunday's Platinum Jubilee Pageant, the Duchess of Cambridge leaned over to her son, presumably to politely reign him in slightly. However, to everyone's surprise, he clapped his hand over her mouth to silence her, leaving netizens in stitches.

Duchess Kate Middleton moved his hand away and tried once again, but the Prince persisted in trying to shush her comically.

Catherine: Now Louis, you should...
Prince Louis: Absolutely not! **covers her mouth**


Prince Louis' pictures take over Twitter

Prince Louis served up ample fodder for memes and appreciative tweets during his appearance, being popularly deemed as "the gift that keeps on giving" and earning him the praise of "being iconic as always."

Twitter is teeming with snaps of the beloved Prince being his unfiltered self, along with the rare moments where he displayed his more affectionate side with his mother and grandfather. Here are a few tweets reacting to the same:

Prince Louis is the gift that keeps on giving #PlatinumJubileePageant
The very essence of Prince Louis of Cambridge - captured by @ianvogler

#PlatinumJubileePageant #ThankYouDay
Prince George looks like he’s sending Louis on with five minutes to go to try get a winner, while William gives him the instructions.
Love this photo of Mike Tindall teasing Prince Louis and making sure he’s well behaved for the #PlatinumJubileePageant
like father, like son

Prince William in 1988/Prince Louis in 2022
Little Prince Louis had all the moves at the #PlatinumJubileePageant today!!
Sweet moments with The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Louis today #PlatinumJubileePageant
Prince Louis calmed down enough to hug his mama🥰

Prince Louis running to go sit with his Grandad, Prince Charles is the cutest thing I've seen
#PlatinumJubilee #PlatinumJubileePageant #ThankYouDay #TheQueen
Prince Louis loving all the animal costumes for the #PlatinumJubileepageant!

He’s just a bundle of fun and energy
How does Prince Louis manage to express every expression on the emoji keyboard in one sitting? Kid is gold! #PrinceLouis #JubileeCelebrations
Our very lovable (and meme-able) Prince Louis 🥰

#PlatinumJubilee #PlatinumJubileePageant
Can we all agree that Prince Louis won the #PlatinumJubilee please?

📸 by PA…

Netizens defend Prince Louis over unexpected criticism

Although the Prince received an explosion of love and adoration, he also received an unforeseen amount of criticism over his actions, which were deemed 'spoilt,' 'violent', and unbecoming of the royal family.

In response, several netizens rushed to defend him and his behavior, which aligns with how any 4-year-old would behave. Some argued how the situation would have been drastically blown out of proportion had it been Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's child instead. Here are a few of their tweets:

as a parent of a four year old not in line to the throne. Prince Louis we see you and we understand you
Nobody should criticise Prince Louis or his parents for his behaviour, that’s what kids do..
The point, however, is that had it been Harry & Meghan’s child, she would have been pilloried, parenting & Netflix blamed & African genes thrown in for good measure
Prove me wrong
Amazing how few people on twitter seem to have spent time with an energetic 4 year old boy before.

Prince Louis’ behaviour today was completely normal. Leave him be, he’s a literal CHILD.
I deeply, deeply admire Harry & Meghan’s decision to keep their children’s lives private. After seeing people try to assign the character & future of a four-year old Prince Louis based upon the limited interaction they’ve seen, it saddens me. Kids should be allowed to be kids.
Anyone picking on Prince Louis has had no experience with 4 year olds. Period.
People picking on Prince Louis for being an energetic toddler need a hard look at themselves

No he doesn’t need sorting out or isn’t spoilt just for being a CHILD. He’s full of energy and has been in the same place for hours, is he meant to be a statue?


The Queen was accompanied by Prince Louis during her surprise balcony appearance that brought the curtain down on the resplendent Platinum Jubilee Celebrations. Unlike his previous restless appearance alongside the Queen on Thursday, the Prince managed to remain tranquil this time around.

Regardless, his antics throughout the day will definitely be people's most memorable takeaway.

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