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Tyvon Whitford's 2007 cold case will be the subject of Oxygen's Cold Justice's premiere episode this Saturday, September 3, 2022 (Image via Oxygen)

5 chilling details about Putnam County mother Tyvon Whitford's unsolved murder case

A 911 call from a shooting incident victim, Tyvon Whitford, startled first responders on the summer evening of June 9, 2007. Tyvon, 25, who was 6-months pregnant back then, was soon rushed to a nearby hospital, where she succumbed to fatal gunshot injuries. The unborn child died along with the mother.

The alleged murder case has remained cold ever since, with newfound interest only surfacing ahead of Oxygen's Cold Justice episode premiere. The upcoming episode, titled A Mother's Last Words, is scheduled to air this Saturday, September 3, 2022, at 8 pm ET.


The episode synopsis reads:

"Kelly and Abbey investigate the brutal slaying of a pregnant woman who was able to call 911, but died before naming her killer; eyewitnesses at a nearby bar could help crack the case, but they aren't willing to talk."

Veteran prosecutor Kelly Siegler will attempt to solve the cold case by unraveling the mysteries that surround the pregnant Putnam County, Florida, woman's peculiar case that has had authorities distressed for over 15 years now. Tyvon Whitford's case will be re-examined with limited leads to apprehend the alleged killer finally.

Here are some key details about the unsolved case ahead of the episode premiere.


Five shocking details about Tyvon Whitford's unsolved murder case

1) Tyvon Whitford's parents heard sirens on the night of her murder


According to sources, on the night of Tyvon Whitford's murder, her parents, Dale and Ronald Whitford, recalled hearing cop cars and ambulance sirens. They lived about a mile from their daughter's house in Hawthorne, Florida.

Tyvon's mother, Dale Whitford, reportedly stated:

"I was laying in bed and I heard sirens going, not knowing the sirens were for my child."

The victim's parents only realized that the first responders were heading to their daughter's house when her boyfriend arrived at Whitfords' residence bearing the unfortunate news. However, he only told them that she was bleeding. Remembering the instance, Dale added:

"I thought it was a miscarriage because he only used the word bleeding. But then we got there and I saw the crime tape, I knew then it was something different."

2) She worked as a correctional officer prior to murder


Tyvon Whitford was not only the mother of a 5-year-old, Larry Junior, but also a correctional officer who was six months pregnant when she was fatally shot in her home in 2007. The victim was 25 when the incident occurred shortly after 11 pm at her West Putnam home. Her then 5-year-old son was present in the house at the time. He reportedly woke to the sound of gunshots.


Sources state that the Florida Department of Corrections employed Whitford as a corrections officer at the Gainesville Correctional Institution.

3) Two 911 calls were made that night to report the shooting


According to Sgt. Matthew Keith of the Putnam County Sheriff's Office, the night Tyvon Whitford was fatally shot, two 911 calls were made. It was revealed that the victim herself made the first call but got disconnected before authorities could take down important information. The second call reportedly came minutes after the first one. It was her boyfriend who made the second call to 911.

Matthew Keith reportedly said:

"One of the very first things the dispatcher was trying to get from her was where she was located.So, unfortunately, we did not get who the attacker was."

He further added:

"He says he was in the area when the shooting occurred. He was supposed to be bringing her some Tylenol to the house, that was kind of the story he had given us, and we were unable to put him or anybody else at the house at the time of the shooting."

4) Tyvon's boyfriend was declared a person-of-interest

Tyvon Whitford's then-boyfriend was investigated as the potential culprit in the alleged murder case back then. According to reports, investigators could not place the boyfriend at Tyvon's home when the incident occurred and, therefore, did not really have much against him. Other than that, the police could not detect any signs of forced entry or robbery. No other suspect has been named ever since.

5) Authorities believe people know more than they're sharing


Matthew Keith stated in a 2019 interview that he thought the people of the tight-knit community knew more than they were willing to disclose to authorities.

Keith reportedly said:

"There are a lot of people in that community that are very close to each other, I believe that whoever was responsible for it has probably talked about it. We just need to get the right person to come forward to give us information."

Learn more about the unsolved case of Tyvon Whitford on Saturday's Cold Justice episode, scheduled to air on Oxygen at 8:00 pm ET.

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