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Erin Moriarty has changed over the four seasons of The Boys. (Image via IMDb and Prime Video)

Did Erin Moriarty have a plastic surgery? Starlight's revamped appearance in The Boys Season 4 explained

The teaser for The Boys season 4 has been unveiled and has raised excitement for fans as they anticipate watching their favorite characters soon.

Many new characters like Sister Sage have joined, while some others like Ryan have grown up. However, Starlight is a character who looks markedly different in the teaser than what she did in season 1.


Fans noticed changes in her looks in season 3, and her character sparked speculations about plastic surgery. Her recent photographs with sharper facial bones and refined appearance have taken fans by surprise. While detailed analysis about whether the actor has had surgeries has taken social media by storm, actor Erin Moriarty has put forth no comments.

Moriarty seems to have done some minor surgical work on her face. Many before-and-after photographs are doing rounds along with talks from fans and viewers about what looks changed in the appearance of the actress.

Open to conjecture, this article explains the changed looks of the talented actor before The Boys season 4 teaser lands on screens.


Disclaimer: This article may contain the author’s opinions.


The Boys season 4 teaser shows Starlight with a different appearance

Moriarty's Starlight in Season 1 and season 4 of the show (Image via IMDb and Prime Video)

Whispers and curiosity about Starlight’s altered looks have been doing rounds for quite some time. The Boys season 3 saw her sporting a sharper jaw and a more svelte figure. The teaser of The Boys season 4 presents her with contoured cheekbones and hollowed-in upper eyelids.

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While some fans believe that she had a rhinoplasty done, others have noticed fuller lips, hinting at her getting a lip job. Some medical experts have also commented on the transformation. As the actor has neither accepted nor refuted the remarks, they are left for conjectures.


Why does Erin Moriarty’s face look different?

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Moriarty is looking markedly different in The Boys season 4 trailer. While the actor is aging, some medical procedure seems to have gone into her appearance. Her nose looks better aligned than before, as pointed out by some medical professionals.

She may have done a nose job or a rhinoplasty. The hollow over her upper eyelids may come from a surgical procedure or due to intense weight loss. The actor has lost considerable weight in the last few years.

Starlight is a scene from a previous season of the show (Image via IMDb)

Moreover, comparing photographs of a 28-year-old Moriarty with when she was 21 is likely to show a difference due to aging. With the actor losing a lot of weight as well as aging at the same time, her natural bone structure has become more prominent.

While fans have pointed out a better jawline and cheekbones, a hollow above the upper eyelids and fuller lips, there's no structural change. Moriarty always had full lips, so weight loss on the face has only made it more prominent.

What is Erin Moriarty’s next project?

Moriarty's Starlight is back in The Boys season 4 (Image via IMDb and Prime Video)

Erin Moriarty has been famously playing Annie January AKA superhero Starlight in the Prime video series, The Boys. She's set to appear in The Boys season 4 in a prominent role opposite Homelander. She has been the most selfless and dedicated of all the superheroes in the series.

However, she became disillusioned when she learned about the reality of the Vought organization. While in the previous season, she had given up her place with the Supes and the Seven, she's back this season with Hughie by her side.

As part of The Boys, she's set to challenge the Supes and appears in front of the New York County Courthouse during Homelander’s trial. When riots broke out between her and Homelander’s supporters, she was horrified.

However, it's important to consider that these transformations may be influenced by both age and makeup. At 27 years old, Moriarty's facial features could have undergone slight changes over time.

Check out Erin Moriarty’s Starlight in the teaser of The Boys season 4, and stay tuned for the show to drop in 2024.


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