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Social media users share fake video of a military official allegedly praying for Trump to replace Biden. (Image via @ImMeme0 /X)

Fact Check: Did a military chaplain pray for Trump to come back and replace Biden? Viral audio debunked

A video showing a military chaplain praying for Trump to replace Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential elections has gone viral on social media. The video claims that the incident occurred right in front of Biden at an event in Norfolk, Virginia. In the short 13-second video, the military chaplain can be seen reciting a prayer from a book as he says:

“Please get rid of Joe Biden and bring back the real President, Donald J. Trump. Amen.”

Shockingly, Joe Biden is also seen praying as the military chaplain recites these lines. If such an incident had occurred, it would have been covered by many other verified news publications; however, no such reliable media outlet reported it.

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As the video went viral, many social media users commented on the video’s low quality and claimed that the clip’s audio had been manipulated. The original clip of the military personnel reading the prayer shows that the audio is fake. Hence, the military chaplain did not pray for Trump to return and replace Biden.


The fake clip of the military chaplain praying for Trump to come back is manipulated from a video shot at a Thanksgiving-themed event in Norfolk, Virginia


As President Joe Biden made an appearance at the Thanksgiving-themed event in Norfolk, Virginia, a clip of an unnamed chaplain went viral on social media. The clip had a manipulated audio of him praying to god for the arrival of Trump. However, the audio was fake and was added to the video.

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The original video was uploaded by many people on social media. In it, the military chaplain can be heard saying:

“Let us pray. Lord God. Heavenly Father. From your loving hand, we receive all that is good, including the gift of eternity in your divine presence. We come together today grateful for so many blessings. The blessings of liberty were secured by many who gave their lives that we might know freedom. We give thanks for family members and for close friends and colleagues who stand by us every day.”

He concluded his prayer by saying:

“With the assurance that, as our God, not limited by time and distance, you will always keep us connected in your most holy and eternal spirit. We ask your divine favor in this gathering. Bless our fellowship. Bless the food that we will receive. In your holy name, we pray, amen.”

Nowhere in his prayer did he mention that Trump should replace Biden in becoming the new President of the USA in 2024. Hence, the news is fake, and once again, it highlights the importance of verifying the news before sharing it, as it can mislead the masses and spread fake information.


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