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Blueface's Las Vegas shooting sentencing details explored (Image via bluefasebabyy/Instagram)

Fact Check: Is Blueface going to prison? Suspended prison sentence explained 

Blueface appeared in court on Monday, October 2, 2023, to face sentencing for his involvement in the Las Vegas strip club shooting which occurred on October 8, 2022. The rapper had pled guilty to two charges, one of which involved firearms. The singer has been sentenced to a maximum of three years for his crime.

This can leave people assuming that he is receiving prison time. However, that is not the case. In the recent court hearing, the judge sentenced Blueface, whose real name is Jonathan Jamall Porter, to a suspended sentence, according to which, the guilty is not required to spend time in prison immediately, provided they adhere to certain rules.


For the uninitiated, the shooting for which Blueface has been sentenced occurred when he visited the Euphoric Gentlemen’s Club in Las Vegas on October 8, 2022. According to legal documents, the victim who referred to himself as Kentabius Traylor in court, joked about Blueface chatting with “some females in a cheap vehicle.” The musician did not appreciate the statement, which led to his entourage physically assaulting the man.

Security footage also captured Blueface pulling out his gun and firing shots at the victim’s vehicle as he drove away. According to the police, the latter was left with a bullet graze while his vehicle showed multiple bullet marks.


Meaning of ‘suspended sentence’ explored as Blueface does not get prison time

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Blueface will not be spending time behind bars since he has been given a suspended sentence. In such cases, the guilty will not be ordered to spend time in prison immediately. However, the legal arrangement states that the accused will be demanded to serve jail time if they commit another crime during the judge’s mandate.

In the rapper's case, the judge has announced that he is not allowed to be around firearms anymore. They also stated that he will not be allowed to visit strip clubs in the downtown Las Vegas area.

The probation also includes him staying away from alcohol and smoking. Contacting the victim’s family is also prohibited. The probation is to last for three years, meaning that if Blueface does not live up to the orders, he can be locked up for several years.


Claims of Porter facing prison time were also debunked by X (formerly known as Twitter). They revealed in their community notes that the rapper "is not going to prison," adding:

“He has been sentence to a maximum of three years of probation after pleading guilty to charges of battery and discharge a firearm in an occupied structure.”

The rapper was initially also charged with attempted murder and owning a gun by a prohibited person. However, the two were dropped as part of his plea deal.

Following the sentencing, the victim expressed disappointment over the same. He shared with the judge that he had completely “lost faith in the justice system.” He also added:

“This crime has done nothing but take a toll on my life since the day it happened. I haven’t been able to get work. Everything has gone down the drain… I hate the way my name was ridiculed in social media before I could even find out about it. Like I said just this complete process has been a complete drop of the ball.”
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Addressing the sentencing, the rapper's lawyer Kristina Wildeveld said in a statement that the former is “looking forward to getting back to focusing on his music career and moving forward with his life.”


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