SCY Jimm was reported to be shot dead at Daytona Beach (Image via scyjimm/Instagram)

Fact Check: Is Scy Jimm dead? Rapper's death claim debunked

Rapper SCY Jimm has been the victim of a death hoax where was reported to have been shot dead in Daytona Beach on June 7, 2023. The news was first reported by Raphoustv on their Twitter page where they posted a picture of the rapper and a video of what looked like a crime scene. The video showed the crime scene being sealed by police officers and someone being taken away on a stretcher.

While the news wasn't confirmed by any credible and official sources, Raphousetv's comments section was filled with condolences for the rapper. One person even went on to say that it was sad to rappers dying at such young ages.


However, Raphousetv later shared the news that confirmed that SCY Jimm was alive. The account posted a tweet at around 4:12 am the same day stating that the rapper was alive but had been injured in the shooting.

Popular Florida Rapper "Scy Jimm" Reportedly Shot In Daytona Beach Today 🤕🕊️ Prayers Out 🏾

Raphousetv's post says that Jimm was reverse parking in Daytona Beach. It also says that Jimm's manager Blue Chezz was arrested a day before on charges of second-degree murder which was linked to a different case.


Another news report by My Mixtapez states that SCY Jimm was also arrested a few hours after his manager's arrest but was released on bond. The post mentioned that he is at the hospital and is on his way to recovery.

UPDATE: Scy Jimm Didn't Die & Thankfull Pulled Thru after being Shot multiple times while reverse parking his car in Daytona Florida .SCY Jimm's manager 'Blue Chezz has been arrested for second degree murder charges for a different case a day before.

SCY Jimm started his career as a rapper at the age of 14

Born on June 12, 2000, as Jimnirable Ke'Shawn Curry III, SCY Jimm started his rapping journey at the age of 14. The rapper released some freestyles at the beginning of his career.

Jimm collaborated with rappers WizDaWizard and Wam SpinThaBin and released two projects titled Dead Guys and Rolling 60's in 2021. He eventually gained recognition for his single, Ballin, which was released in 2022. More recently, on June 3, 2023, Jimm posted a glimpse of the song Set In Stone.


Jimm is also popular for his mixtape titled Rookie of the Year, which was released in 2022. This was followed by singles and collaborations with artists like Luh Tyler, Goldenboy Countup, and Wizz avinn. Jimm's first project released in 2023 was titled Trench Baby and he appeared on the debut project of Luh Tyler.


SCY Jimm's latest single Set In Stone, was released last month and its music video has received more than 2,000 likes on YouTube. He has been aiming to establish himself as one of the best rappers in Florida.

A few other rappers have been victims of death hoaxes since 2022


There have been other rappers who became the victim of death hoaxes in the last few months. Earlier this year, there were reports on Twitter claiming that J. Cole was dead and it was shared by News 247 which claims that they post joke messages.

Another rapper named Lil Scrappy was also reported to be dead after a few YouTube videos claimed Scrappy's funeral taking place. Scrappy later clarified on Instagram that he was alive.

As mentioned earlier, SCY Jimm is alive and has suffered some injuries in the shooting.


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