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‘Friends’: 5 epic fights between Chandler and Monica

Friends’ momentous success and worldwide popularity made it the greatest sitcom in television history. To this day, fans continue to binge on the stories of six close friends in New York, navigating life in their unique ways.

A perfect mix of friendships, relationships, fights, and tears, Friends keeps viewers coming back for another round time and again.


Monica and Chandler’s relationship in Friends takes the trophy for the best on-screen couple. However, the writers did not shy away from introducing conflicts, which the two characters handled with hilarity and love in a classic “Mondler” fashion.


Five unforgettable fights between Monica and Chandler in Friends


1) The One in Vegas

The fifth season of Friends, a double-length episode titled “The One in Vegas”, featured the time Monica and Chandler’s first dating anniversary was around the corner, and the former had lunch with her old flame, Richard.

She confessed to Phoebe about the meeting since she didn’t want Chandler to know it. However, Phoebe blurted it out in front of Chandler on their flight to Vegas, causing tension between the couple.


The pair got into a huge fight over whether Monica would see Richard again and then split off. Upset by the tiff and Monica keeping this a secret, Chandler was about to go home alone when Monica found him and the couple made up.

2) The One With the Kips

In Season 5, Episode 5 of Friends, Monica and Chandler were still fooling around and hiding their affair from the rest of the group. They almost got caught when they decided to go away for a romantic weekend after telling their friends they were going for their respective work.

Once at the hotel, Monica got upset after finding a glass with a lipstick stain in their bathroom and asked Chandler for a room change. However, she found something wrong with every other room. Meanwhile, Chandler was way more interested in a high-speed car chase on TV than he was in spending time with Monica.


The two fought, and Monica stormed off. Chandler assumed that it meant the end of their relationship, but Monica reassured him that adult relationships did not end over small fights.

3) The One With Phoebe’s Birthday Dinner

Chandler and Monica during their “cigarette vs baby” fight Friends (Image via Youtube)

While working in Tulsa, Chandler started smoking again in Season 9, Episode 5 of Friends. Unable to restrain, he ended up smoking three cartons of cigarettes. When Monica found out about it, she got upset because she had been ovulating and the couple wanted to try for a baby.

The two fought, and Monica gave Chandler an ultimatum to stop smoking and have s*x with her, but he refused. So she tricked him into doing her bidding by telling him that she had forgiven him.

When Chandler learned about her deceit, he felt used, and the couple started fighting again.

4) The One Hundredth/The One With the Triplets

A relationship saved even before it officially begins (Image via Youtube)

The 100th episode of Friends featured the gang at the hospital looking forward to Phoebe delivering the triplets. While at the hospital, Rachel spotted two good-looking male nurses and asked Monica to date one of them. Monica declined the offer at first to not jeopardize her secret relationship with Chandler.

However, when Chandler assumed that she was willing to go out with the nurse, she got upset and decided to date him after all. Ultimately, the couple resolved their conflict in their own goofy manner, and their relationship was saved even before it officially began.

5) The One With Rachel’s Book


In the second episode of the seventh season of Friends, Monica’s dreams of her perfect wedding began to fizzle out when she found out her parents had spent all her wedding budget. Chandler revealed that he had some money saved, which ended up being the exact amount Monica needed for her dream wedding.

However, Chandler told her that he was putting his foot down and would not spend all that money on a “party”. The couple had a fight that was ultimately resolved with Chandler giving in to Monica’s wishes because he wanted her to be happy.

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