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'Friends': 5 romantic dates the characters went on

Friends has become a pop culture phenomenon. Even after so many years since the show concluded, the sitcom has not lost its charm. Over the years, Chandler's sarcasm and wit, Monica's comic obsessions, Joey's innocence, Phoebe's eccentricities, and Ross and Rachel's romance have entertained us throughout.

One of the key themes in Friends is romance. Be it dating within the group or outside of it, the Friends characters took their love lives pretty seriously. This has given us some of the funniest, most heartbreaking, and touching moments of the series.


Top 5 dates in 'Friends'

Here is a list of the top 5 romantic dates of the Friends characters. From comical to dramatic and outright jaw-dropping scenes, there is no aspect that a Friends date does not touch.


1) Chandler and Monics's proposal


Chandler and Monica are undoubtedly a perfect couple. Ever since they started dating, Friends fans could see that their romance was meant to be. The couple shared a number of romantic dates, but what beats it all is the proposal scene.

Monica, who decides to propose, arranges for a surprise, decorating their apartment with candles and flowers. When Chandler enters, he is rightfully speechless. Monica begins with the proposal and cannot complete it as she is overwhelmed with tears. So, Chandler steps up and finishes what she could not.


2) The Planetarium date


One of the most favorite pairings on television is Rachel and Ross. Though their relationship was quite tumultuous, they eventually make it in the end.

One of their most romantic dates was the Planetarium date that Ross arranged and surprised Rachel with. Ross took Rachel to the planetarium in the after-hours to gaze up at the stars.

3) Mike and Phoebe's proposal


Though it initially looked like Phoebe would not settle for anyone. However, with Mike, she falls in love with him enough to want to get married. Phoebe tries to propose during a Knicks game but that does not go well.

In the same evening, when they have dinner, Mike steps up and proposes, creating an incredibly romantic and comedic moment.

4) Rachel and Joey


Rachel and Joey is like the most unlikely pairing of the show, but it does not take away from the fact that their date was incredible. When Joey takes Rachel out to cheer her up, the two end up having an incredible time that leads to Joey develop feelings for her.

5) Rachel's prom date


Though this technically does not end up being a date, it deserves mention because it was a turning point in Ross and Rachel's relationship. In highschool, when Rachel's date doesn't show up on the night of her prom, Ross steps in with his father's tux to try and save the day.

However, he gets shot down when Rachel's original date turns up. This was shown as a taped recording in the series and it becomes clear that Ross had feelings for Rachel since forever.

What are your favorite romantic moments from Friends? Let us know in comments.


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