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Christmas moments from 'Friends' (Image via friends/ Instagram)

‘Friends’ Christmas: 5 interesting holiday events that are unforgettable

NBC’s sitcom Friends is an evergreen series that has left a huge impact on fans’ lives. Although it was a comedy TV series, the six friends brought more than just laughable moments on screen.

The uniqueness in the characters’ way of celebrating every festival, including Christmas, was something inspirational.


The holiday events featured in the series were unforgettable and hilarious. On that note, let’s have a look at some of the most memorable moments that happened during Christmas on Friends.


5 best Christmas moments from ‘Friends’


1) When Chandler dressed as Santa Claus for Ben

In one of the Christmas episodes, Ross appears as Holiday Armadillo to wish his son Ben “Merry Christmas.” As he teaches Ben about the importance of Hanukkah, Chandler dressed as Santa Claus enters the apartment.


It thrills Ben and makes viewers laugh out loud. But the funny scene does not end here. At the end of the episode, Joey enters the apartment wearing a Superman costume for Christmas.

2) When Phoebe was against buying fresh Christmas trees

Phoebe wants to buy a Christmas tree, thus, visits the market where Joey is working. While she is close to picking her favorite tree, she sees the dry ones going to the chipper. As Phoebe is, she refuses to buy a fresh tree.

At the end, Joey and Monica set up the latter’s apartment with all the dry trees and surprised Phoebe on Christmas. One cannot watch the episode without happy tears, mostly due to uncontrollable laughter.

3) Those maternity/Christmas pants for Phoebe

The creators of Friends showed Phoebe’s pregnancy journey in a beautiful yet hilarious way. In one of the episodes, she is seen wearing Santa pants. When Chandler and Joey asks why she’s wearing them, Phoebe corrects the two saying that they are maternity pants.


She further tries to prove her point by pulling out a piece of paper from the pocket that has baby names. After a moment, Phoebe realizes what Joey and Chandler are talking about.

4) Phoebe's iconic Christmas song

In Friends Season 4 Episode 10, Phoebe was struggling to write a perfect song for her friends during the holiday season. As she found it difficult to find words that rhyme with their names, Phoebe finally twisted the lyrics a bit.

She sang it at the end of the episode at Central Perk. It’s not just the lines that were funny, Phoebe’s delivery style is what would make you laugh.

5) Rachel and Phoebe looking for Christmas presents

In one of the episodes of Friends, Rachel and Phoebe were seen rushing into Monica’s apartment. When Chandler, who had moved into the place, asked the two what they were looking for, Rachel replied:

“We are looking for our Christmas presents from Monica.”

They wanted to know the gifts, so that they plan Monica’s present accordingly. Chandler, after a lot of convincing, joined them in the search too.

The most hilarious part about their little mission was that Monica was aware of their actions and she had left little notes at the places she believed Rachel and Phoebe were going to search.

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