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Monica and Rachel are an iconic duo from the show (Image via NBC)

Friends: Was Monica Geller right in asking Rachel Green to move out after her engagement?

Friends has been a very diverse series in terms of all it offers. Though even serious things were dealt with a sense of humor, and most events were lost in-jokes and friendly banter, some serious issues never got the spotlight they deserved.

One of the issues was how easily Monica kicked Rachel out of their apartment after Chandler moved in.


This is a topic that needs a deeper insight. Looking at both sides of the argument, you can decide whether Monica Geller (Courteney Cox) was right in asking Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) to leave.

Rachel and Monica's history in Friends: Perfect roommates?


If Monica decided to get rid of Rachel right after she and her boyfriend moved in, that would make audiences question their friendship. Monica and Rachel have been depicted as best friends throughout the series. Of course, numerous banters came along with living together, but they were solid.


Rachel and Monica's differences in lifestyles are one of the major factors that made it difficult to coexist. But by the time Monica asked Rachel to leave, they had gotten over this difference by adapting to each other. So the question remains, what went wrong with this Friends duo?

The desire for privacy: A selfish Monica?

The only reason it comes down to is Monica's desire for privacy. Of course, Monica and Rachel had been roommates for a long time, but the apartment ultimately belonged to Monica. So this makes for a two-way argument.


On the one hand, it is selfish of Monica to kick Rachel out. They were roommates for a long time and Rachel was not ready to move out. Of course, this was depicted humorously. Rachel's inability to cope with Monica asking her to leave made for a few laughs in that episode.


The other argument that can be put forward is that the house was ultimately Monica's. She let Rachel stay because she was a good friend to her. So, in a way, Monica was constantly doing a favor to Rachel. When it was time, she just took what was already hers.

Friends posed this duality with Monica and Rachel's relationship. The good thing was that they continued to be on just as good terms after Rachel moved out. They truly understood each other. However, looking back, you can say that Monica was slightly at fault in asking Rachel to leave with no prior warning or indication.

What are your thoughts on this part of the show? Let us know in the comments.

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