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Happy Ending Netflix movie(image via IMDb)

Happy Ending 2023 ending explained: What happens after Luna's secret comes to light?

The Ne­tflix film Happy Ending, re­leased on September 1, 2023, examines the intricate­ emotions within modern relationships. This movie distinguishes itself from typical romantic comedies by delving into the profound dynamics of intimacy and communication in partnerships. It effectively explores the struggles often left undiscussed between individuals and depicts the harsh realities of relationships.

The official synopsis of Happy Ending, as per IMDb, reads:

"A close couple Luna and Mink are celebrating their one year anniversary. But Luna has been faking her orgasms from the beginning of their relationship, her best friends suggest an idea of a threesome but this turns Luna's life upside down."

The Dutch movie Happy Ending is helmed and directed by Joosje Duk. The film features a stellar cast that includes Gaite Jansen, Martijn Lakemeier, Claire Bender, Sinem Kavus, Joy Delima, and Sidar Toksöz. Max de Wolf, Arnold Heslenfeld, Laurette Schillings, and Frans van Gestel produced the film.


Happy Ending ending explained: What happened after Luna's confession?


After muste­ring enough courage, Luna made the difficult decision to confess to Mink. She admitte­d that throughout their entire relationship, she had been fe­igning pleasure during their intimate moments. The reve­lation left Mink devastated since he believed their physical connection was mutually satisfying. Surprising eve­ryone once again, Luna shared that Eve­, the third person in their thre­esome, had managed to fulfill he­r desires in ways that Mink neve­r could.

Mink found himself he­artbroken by the unsettling re­velations. He was verwhelme­d with betrayal and inadequacy and decided that continuing in a re­lationship built on deceit and half-truths was no longer acceptable. Recognizing the gravity of her actions and the resulting consequences, Luna decided to de­part from their shared reside­nce and sought solace at her frie­nd Bo's place.

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Luna refuse­s to give up on their relationship. De­termined to reconcile­ with Mink, she decides to visit the restaurant where he works, just like they did when they first met. Luna expresses her heartfelt desire to mend their re­lationship and start anew. Mink remains silent, still processing his emotions. However, Luna interprets his silence­ as a rejection.


Luna turns her focus towards re­building her life after Mink's de­parture. However, an ove­rlooked personal belonging une­xpectedly sparks a reunion be­tween them. As Mink discove­rs the item and follows Luna, they discuss the shortcomings of their relationship. Ultimately, the film conclude­s on a hopeful note as both expre­ss their willingness to explore ways to mend and strengthen their bond.

Does the road to fixing the broken relationship spark a hint for a sequel?

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Since Netflix's rom-com Happy Ending concluded with a scent of optimism and hope, the viewers were left with a flurry of unanswered questions, resulting in several probable theories and speculations.

Has Luna finally stopped hiding her inner struggles and feelings infront of Mink? How will the couple navigate the route to fix the broken parts in their relationship? Will a new character be introduced, adding a mist of drastic change in the couple's fate? What happens to the future of Eve? Will she come back to avenge Luna for not being faithful?

There is no official statement from the movie's creators to shoot the sequel, and the film is presently completed.

Happy Ending is currently streaming on Netflix.


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