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BTS members recently reunited with oldest member Jin (Image via Twitter/@winterbeartaete @_BTSMoments_)

“I’m crying”: BTS fans react emotionally to the members’ first group picture together since Jin’s military enlistment

On March 25, late at night, BTS’ SUGA dropped a group picture of him hanging out with BTS members. They were dressed in casuals with their faces covered in masks, but despite that, fans of the septet would easily be able to place each member.

However, the ARMYs were pleasantly surprised to see BTS’ oldest member, Jin, in the group picture. This was Bangtan’s first group picture since Jin’s military enlistment.


In the caption below the picture, BTS’ SUGA justified Jimin and V’s absence from the group picture by explaining that the 95 liners did hang out with the rest of the members. However, they had to leave before the group picture was taken.

"Taehyung and Jimin were here with us (left 10 mins early)".

SG: taehyungie and jimin were together with us
(they left 10 mins earlier)

Unsurprisingly, BTS fans took to social media to share their heartwarming reactions to Bangtan’s group picture. @ninangnibalut wrote “I’m crying”, in response to BTS’ new photo.


BTS’ Jin celebrated his first military vacation with Bangtan members; Fans react

seokjin's first day and 100 days in military were with members 🥺

On March 25, all seven members of BTS reunited for the first time since the group’s oldest member, Jin, enlisted for his mandatory military service last December.

Notably, Jin is celebrating completing his first 100 days in the Korean Army and his first vacation from active-soldier duty. ARMYs took to social media to share their emotional and heartwarming reactions to Bangtan’s first-almost full group photo since Jin’s military enlistment. Leader RM also posted the image to his Instagram account, adding a purple heart emoji.


Kim Seok-jung, Jin's older brother, confirmed on Instagram that The Astronaut singer was on vacation from the military and visiting his parents as well.

Keep mention him


Listen to the amazing melodies and lyrics from #TheAstronaut by #JIN #BTSJIN #방탄소년단진 @BTS_twt
What do you mean Jin left during winter and now all 7 of them got together on spring day??? My bangtan heart ‍🩹
@miiniyoongs Jin was in regular clothes that means he got his first time off after serving 100 days and goes right to bts 🥹
[NEWS] Jungkook, j-hope, Suga, Jin, RM TOGETHER

Taehyung was with Jimin (10 minutes earlier)
[Jin's brother IG] 230326
It's little early, but since we're all together, celebrate.
Happy birthday to mother. from Jung(Seokjung). Reum(areum). Jin(seokjin). Sun(baby butter).
It's family gathering🥹
no but the tears won't stop.. jungkook was so silent sending off his seokjin hyung and i can only imagine how happy he probably was finally visiting his seokjin hyung for the first time in a while :(
the tannies visited jin in the military

For those unversed, Korean men who successfully serve in the military as active-soldier duty for 100 days are granted vacation for four days as a reward. Most soldiers meet up with their friends and family, enjoying their much-deserved break from the military.

Jin enlisted in the Korean military on December 13, where he was dropped off by his six other family members and legions of ARMYs, who bid him farewell virtually. The Astronaut singer willingly canceled his military postponement and decided to enlist in the Korean Army to fulfill his duties towards his country.

The group’s oldest member entered the recruitment training center in Yeoncheon County, in Gyeonggi Province, where he completed his basic military training, after which he was assigned his first active-soldier duty by the officials.

seokjin calling bts at the start of the year for comfort them he's doing well, despite having a limited phone time he still find a way to support them, and the fact the 1st thing jin did on his 1st vacation after the enlist is meet his members, like u can't never separate them :(

Jin served at the 5th Infantry Division Recruit Training Center as an active-duty soldier, and on March 1, three months after his military enrollment and promotion to commander, he graduated to the rank of private first class.

The Epiphany singer set an important precedent as a company commander trainee and even served as a conductor representing trainees at the graduation ceremony. He will be discharged from the military on June 12, 2024, a day before the group’s 11th anniversary of its debut.


Notably, J-hope announced sometime in late February that he would be the next member after Jin to enlist in the military. He applied for the cancelation of his military postponement, similar to Jin's, and will be called on to serve in the military anytime soon.

What are BTS members upto?

Suga Instagram Story

Taehyung and Jimin were with us too (they left 10 minutes earlier)

Since announcing they would be taking a break from their group activities, the seven members of Bangtan have been busy with their own projects. J-hope is preparing to enlist in the military, while Jin is already a member.

Jimin is basking in the success of his debut solo album FACE and V is currently starring in his debut variety show Jinny’s Kitchen, or Seo Jins, which airs on tvN, TVing, and Amazon Prime.

RM recently collaborated with SE SO NEON’s So Yoon on Smoke Sprite, which has garnered 11 million views on YouTube, and SUGA is currently preparing to go on its first solo World Tour, starting with the United States, where he will perform in Belmont Park on April 26 and 27, followed by Asia through May and June, with Japan tour stops to be added at a later date.

Youngest member Jungkook’s current activities are not known to the public.


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