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Charles Cullen is the subject of the thriller The Good Nurse (Photo by Mike Derer/AP/via Stamford Advocate)

Is Charles Cullen married? Killer nurse's ex-wife Adrienne Taub claims he once zipped up their dog in a bowling bag

Netflix's new medical thriller, The Good Nurse, is based on the true story of former nurse and convicted serial killer Charles Cullen, who allegedly killed at least 29 patients. The actual number, authorities believe, is a lot higher, with some reports estimating it to be somewhere around 400.

Cullen, who committed horrendous crimes, also had a troubled personal life. He married a woman named Adrienne Taub in 1987 after graduating from Mountainside Hospital's nursing school. They went on to have two children, but the two got divorced in 1993. Taub mentioned that Cullen often harmed their family dogs and that she even feared for the safety of her kids.


Charles Cullen's abusive behavior towards pets, relationship with his ex-wife, and more details


Adrienne Taub and Charles Cullen's married life reportedly had only fleeting moments of happiness as Taub soon became concerned with her husband's strange and erratic behavior.


Cullen was accused of ''extreme cruelty'' by his wife in her divorce filing. As per Distractify, on one occasion, Cullen zipped up Taub's dog in a bowling bag. She revealed an instance of violence that she had witnessed:

''I was awakened many nights by the screams of these dogs. Charlie was in the basement "training' and beating them if they did not listen to him.''

Adrienne Taub reportedly said that she had to get rid of her family pets, fearing for their safety. She also went on to make numerous other accusations of violence against Cullen, including burning his daughter's books and spiking people's drinks with lighter fluid. Taub, in fact, also mentioned that she'd feared he'd harm their kids. She ultimately filed numerous restraining orders against Charles Cullen.


Cullen, however, denied these claims, saying Taub was exaggerating them. After their divorce in 1993 and losing custody of his kids, Cullen was reportedly depressed and tried to die by suicide on multiple occasions.

Not many details about Taub and her children's current whereabouts are known, except that the elder daughter's name is Shauna, who's believed to be in her mid-30s.

A brief look at Charles Cullen's crimes


Charles Cullen murdered his patients by injecting them with fatal overdoses of digoxin, insulin, and numerous other medications. He used to work as a nurse in the late 80s until 2003, when he was arrested after a coworker named Amy Loughren implicated him after getting a confessional while wearing a wire.

Cullen's victims were mostly elderly people, many of whom were terminally ill. However, there were some who did not suffer from any serious illnesses and were much younger. Over the years, he had worked at numerous hospitals, including Saint Barnabas Medical Center, Warren Hospital, and Somerset Medical Center, among many.

According to some investigators, although some hospitals suspected Cullen of killing his patients, many allegedly did not report the incidents, fearing legal action. Cullen was ultimately charged with 29 murders, although he'd confessed to killing around 40.

As part of a plea agreement that helped him avoid the death penalty, Cullen is expected to help the police identify his victims. The court handed him a total of seventeen consecutive life terms with no parole available for 397 years.


Don't miss The Good Nurse on Netflix on Wednesday, October 26, 2022.


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