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Riverdale and Archie Comics Connection (Image via Archie Comics)

Is Riverdale based on Archie comics? Characters & storyline's connection, explored

The dark and enigmatic storyline of the CW show Riverdale has fascinated viewers since its premiere. It also sparked enormous interest in its connection to the legendary Archie Comics. Questions about the show's connection to the old comics surfaced as fans became more invested in the CW adaptation and recognized familiar people and themes.

Interestingly, the show did take inspiration from Archie Comics, reinventing the classic characters in a darker, more complicated setting. The show pays homage to the comic's history while still appealing to a modern audience with updated storytelling and topical concerns.


Archie Comics, first published in 1941, introduced readers to the delightful and entertaining adventures of Archie Andrews and his pals in the town of Riverdale. Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, and Jughead Jones became instant icons in these humorous adolescent tales.

Examining Riverdale's connection to the Archie Comics


Character parallels

Riverdale (Image via Archie Comics)

The main character of Archie Comics, Archie Andrews, is an American teenager in the original comics. A young lad with fiery red hair and a bevy of freckles, he became famous for his love triangle with Betty and Veronica. Archie's character becomes more complex in Riverdale, dealing with family, identity, and morality issues. While retaining his iconic appearance, the show adds depth to his personality, reflecting the challenges of modern adolescence.

Betty, Veronica, and Jughead, among others, undergo similar transformations in the show. Betty Cooper's girl-next-door charm fuses with determination and intelligence. Empathy and loyalty balance Veronica Lodge's sophistication.

Jughead Jones, the quirky narrator in the comics, becomes a brooding writer and the voice of the series. These adaptations honor the original characters while adding layers of complexity that resonate with today's viewers

Plot construction


Archie Comics were known for their humor and simplicity. However, Riverdale introduces elements of mystery, crime, and suspense. The murder of Jason Blossom in Season 1 begins an exploration of the town's hidden secrets.


Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is a key figure in the show's creation. He's the chief creative officer of Archie Comics. He's also a writer and executive producer for the show.


Along with other key figures like Archie Comics CEO Jon Goldwater, the creative team bridges the gap between the classic comics and the modern series, crafting a show that celebrates the enduring appeal of Archie and his friends.

Why did Riverdale jump back to the '50s for season 7?


Season 7 of the show takes a bold step by transporting its characters to the 1950s, reflecting the original atmosphere of Archie Comics. This decision, inspired by the director's desire to recreate the nostalgic charm of the comics, serves both narrative and thematic purposes.

Aguirre-Sacasa talked about the central theme of the show's season 7, saying,

"We were thinking, well if the kids go back to high school, and it's the 1950s, we could really do a season that was a love letter to the original Archie comics that inspired Riverdale."

The shift to the 1950s is a stylistic choice and a plot device that allows exploration of the era's social dynamics. Moreover, by setting the series in the 1950s, the show resonates with the era of the original Archie Comics. It serves as a callback to the comics' inception, honoring its legacy while engaging with the complexities of the time.


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