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A still from Pirates of the Caribbean (Image via Disney)

"It's too weird": The Last of Us Showrunner Craig Mazing expresses peculiarities in Pirates of the Caribbean reboot script

Pirates of the Caribbean is undoubtedly one of the most famous film franchises ever, despite having only five films in the series. The Johnny Depp-led series garnered both critical and commercial fame, with the first three films, which comprise the original trilogy, also receiving positive reviews from critics.

Disney had announced the making of part six, and the creative process also began for the same. Fans hoped they would see another grand entry in the Pirates of the Caribbean universe until the highly-publicized case of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard put the lead actor in jeopardy. Disney cut ties with Depp before an official verdict was released.


Of course, Johnny Depp won the case and declared his intentions of never returning to the franchise. The franchise’s sixth film never took form, and there were no updates for some time before Craig Mazin, the co-writer for the sixth film, revealed that he had written a full script with Ted Elliott and that Disney bought it. He also revealed that the script for the sixth film was very “weird.”

Speaking to the LA Times, The Last of Us executive producer said:

"We pitched it and thought there’s no way they’re buying it, it’s too weird. And they did! And then he wrote a fantastic script and the strike happened and everyone’s waiting around."

So, the hopes of a new Pirates of the Caribbean movie are not marooned yet.


Will Pirates of the Caribbean 6 feature Johnny Depp?

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The character of Jack Sparrow, protagonist of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, has become almost synonymous with Johnny Depp over the years. He played a significant role in the film’s success, and fans cannot imagine anyone in his place. But amid the legal issues and the failure of the newer PoTC films, Disney had decided to replace Johnny Depp from the leading role.

Disney Studios Motion Picture president Sean Bailey said he wanted to bring “new energy” to the role.

"We think we have a really good, exciting story that honours the films that have come before but also has something new to say."

Things have changed significantly now, with Depp returning to his place as a beloved public figure and fans calling out to bring the familiar Jack Sparrow back.

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But it is also a question of whether Johnny Depp would return to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise after the ordeal. Previously, Depp expressed his disappointment at being unable to say goodbye to his beloved character during the trial. He said,

"My feeling was that these characters should be able to have their proper goodbye, as it were. A franchise can only last for so long, and there’s a way to end a franchise like that, and I thought that the characters deserved to have their way out, to end the franchise on a very good note. I planned on continuing until it was time to stop."

If Depp does return for Pirates of the Caribbean 6, he and the character will both get a deserved farewell.

There is still no confirmation whether the film will even be made. More news about the same will emerge once the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes wrap up.


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