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'Lost in Space' Season 3: Three reasons why there should be a Season 4

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The third and final season of Lost in Space has dropped on Netflix today. With this season, the space colonizing mission of a group of explorers will come to an end. The series follows the adventures of a number of families who set out in search of a habitable planet on the intergalactic spaceship Resolute.

It's the year 2044, and the Earth is dying. To find another home and give the human race a new chance, a group of explorers go on a mission. However, their mission is waylaid when there is a sudden robot invasion. Lost in Space follows the adventures of this group of space explorers and their search for the planet Alpha Centauri in the face of insurmountable dangers that threaten their lives.


Lost in Space will be sorely missed. Here are three reasons why there should be another season of the beloved sci-fi.

Why should Lost in Space have another season?

1) Alpha Centauri should be explored further


Season 3 of Lost in Space did give us a resolution of the space colonizing mission. But viewers are now eager to know what life in Alpha Centauri would be like. The last season leaves us off with the colony settling into the new planet. But it doesn't show us what further challenges might be in store for the characters in this unknown place. Another season would help resolve that.

2) Will goes off on another mission

Lost in Space ends with Will embarking on another adventure with his Robot. The final scene shows the family gathered together for dinner and merry times. It is then that Will announces to everyone that he will undertake further exploratory missions along with Robot. Maurice, his mother, approves, and the show ends with Will and Robot on another unknown planet where they had just landed. Season 4 could be an update on how Will's mission was going.


3) Penny has just begun her book at the end of 'Lost in Space'

Throughout the series, we get hints about Penny's book, which she was writing. She jokes that she has ended the book with a cliffhanger when asked about her progress with it. We find her completing her book in one of the final scenes of season 3, where she narrates the epilogue. But suddenly, she changes her mind and decides that it is just the end of the first chapter.

This leads to some anticipation about the ending. It doesn't seem right that the show ends here. It warrants another season, and if not, then at least a prequel. It would be nostalgic to catch up with the Robinsons a few years down the line and check up on how they have settled in on Alpha Centauri.


Catch the new season of the Netflix sci-fi Lost in Space on the Netflix streaming platform itself.

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