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'Lost in Space' Season 3 takeaway: The primary tenet of family and trust continue 

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Lost in Space is back with its third and final season. With this season, the space colonizing mission of the inhabitants of Earth, in the year 2044, is expected to reach some resolution.

The plot of the sci-fi follows protagonist Will Robinson, his family, and a number of other families attempting to venture out into infinity; in search of a habitable planet now that Earth has reached the brink of extinction. However, their plan is thrown apart when they are attacked by an army of robots who are bent on causing issues.


Note: This article contains spoilers.

Season 3 of 'Lost in Space' summed up

Last season saw the children aboard Resolute separated from their parents. Season 3 of Lost in Space starts off with the 97 children stranded on an unknown planet trying to contact their parents again. With Will's Robot, they manage to do that and are soon reunited with their parents. The quest for Alpha Centauri continues. Unfortunately, the robots who have been following them throughout have not given up either.


When the humans land on the new planet, the robots follow in search of their engine. What follows is a war which ends when SAR, the robot, stabs Will. Instead of dying, Will's Robot's programming gets transferred into SAR and Robot and is revived.

Trust and Family

Season 3 of Lost in Space remains faithful to the original tenets of family and trust. More than anyone, Robot is a valuable lesson on the importance of kin relations and familial ties. He is the best example of the lengths one can go to for family. Despite being a Robot, he feels deeply for Will. So much so that he anihilates himself so Will could get another chance at life.


The show epitomizes the importance of helping each other. It is the primary value that the entire series is based on. In the beginning, Will had saved Robot, who returned the favor and much more along with it. Robot remains faithful to Will till the end.

Even when Penny in the season finale helps a robot who was dying, he transforms to take her side and aid the humans in the war. Despite dealing with a myriad of themes, Lost in Space does not lose focus of the main values of trust, friendship, and help that the sci-fi was premised on.

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