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Alice in Borderland season 3 release date isn't out yet. (Photos via Netflix)

Alice in Borderland season 3 confirmed to be under production by Netflix

Alice in Borderland season 3 is officially getting made. Netflix confirmed the endearing development early on Thursday, September 28. In the X (formerly Twitter) post, the streaming giant shared a teaser showing the Joker card. Aided by a bone-chilling background music, the post was captioned:

“You may draw another card. Alice in Borderland will return for Season 3!”
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The announcement of Alice in Borderland Season 3 comes months after the previous season aired on December 22, 2022. Meanwhile, the debut edition hit Netflix on December 10, 2020. Both seasons had eight episodes each.

Based on a suspense manga series by Haro Aso, Alice in Borderland was helmed by Shinsuke Sato. Helped by Yutaka Yamada’s perfect musical score, the live-action series was hugely popular among Netflix viewers.


Haro Aso is likely to continue the original manga for Alice in Borderland season 3


The synopsis or plot of Alice in Borderland season 3 has not been disclosed yet. Still, the announcement by Netflix sure indicates that the mysterious Joker card will play a pivotal role in the narrative.

The manga gave way to the two seasons, which means there is no apparent source material for the third season. This is also why ardent fans of the series are doubtful about the content of season 3. Some of them fear that there will be many discrepancies, leading to a potentially half-baked attempt from Netflix.

Apart from the main manga, Alice in Borderland (Hepburn: Imawa no Kuni no Arisu) has two spin-offs: Alice on Border Road and Alice in Borderland: Retry. However, despite the existence of the manga spin-offs, season 3 might continue the main storyline as the spin-offs are not canon to the original story and are set in an alternate timeline.


Though nothing is confirmed, all signs point to Aso being commissioned to pen down a plot soon.

Who is Joker? Everything to know about the enigmatic new antagonist

Alice in Borderland season 3 has a new antagonist: Joker. Described as a mysterious entity, his real identity is not known. Fans hope the third season may reveal that and show his histrionics, but fans have already started to speculate.


As per the folklore, he is revealed to be the creator of the Borderlands in possession of the Joker card. After it was shown that Borderland is a purgatory concept, it’s indicated that Joker is a grim reaper who sets up the games to test the players’ will to live.

Further, he also shares a brief moment with Arisu, the protagonist in the manga. In their interaction, he asked Arisu if he was a Devil or a God, to which the latter responded, “Intermediator.”

Shortly after this, Arisu was teleported back home, where he woke up amidst a brutal meteor attack in Tokyo. The finale missed this particular sequence in season 2 of the live-action series. This interaction, which passionate manga fans would know, was one of the most captivating and much-awaited scenes.


But season 2 cleverly teased a Joker card, which did open an avenue for a third round. In the meantime, fans have kept their hopes high that season 3 might start with this meeting.

Alice in Borderland season 3 cast details

While the cast of Alice in Borderland season 3 has not been revealed yet, Kento Yamazaki and Tao Tsuchiya are expected to reprise their respective roles, Ryōhei Arisu and Yuzuha Usagi. Nijirō Murakami, Ayaka Miyoshi, Dori Sakurada, Aya Asahina, and Riisa Naka might also return.

Both seasons of Alice in Borderland are available on Netflix.


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