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  • "An amazing moment"- Jersey Shore: Family Vacation fans react as Mike skydives to reveal the gender of his second baby 
Lauren and Mike welcomed their baby girl on January 24, 2023 (Image via ItsTheSituation/ Twitter)

"An amazing moment"- Jersey Shore: Family Vacation fans react as Mike skydives to reveal the gender of his second baby 

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation season 6 episode 10 aired on MTV on Thursday, March 30.

The episode featured Mike skydiving out of a helicopter 10,000 feet up in the sky to reveal the gender of his child, which the other cast members already knew. Mike had already told his friends that it was going to be "different" this time (he has an older son) as he had said in front of everyone that he almost "revealed the gender of his daughter."


The gender reveal was planned by Pauly D and Vinny, who took Mike to the location under the false pretense that they were going out for a sandwich. Mike already wanted to "kiss the sky" while revealing the baby's gender, so he was happy to skydive for it. The girls, including Mike's wife Lauren, had no idea what was happening.

Mike was more scared of Lauren's reaction than to jump off the plane. Lauren also joked about killing everyone who was involved in this planning. Mike's leg got stuck in the helicopter door but he was ultimately able to jump and open the smoke box, which was pink in color.

Lauren hugged Mike as soon as he landed and they cheerfully yelled that they were having a girl, which was soon followed by a group hug.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation fans were amazed by the gender reveal and congratulated the happy couple.

Aww that was an amazing moment for them .. its a girl !! #jsfamilyvacation

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation fans get emotional as Mike and Lauren reveal they are having a girl

Mike did not even realize where they were going on the road as he was way too busy talking about his recent fight with Angelina. While he was skeptical at the start, he eventually signed the contract.

The episode was shot in November 2022 and Mike and Lauren welcomed their daughter, Mia Bella Elizabeth Sorrentino, on Tuesday, January 24, 2023.

We high on life 🪂 Don’t miss an all NEW #JSFamilyVacation Tonight 8/7c @MTV

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation fans cheered after seeing the epic gender reveal and got emotional after seeing Mike and Lauren hug in the end.

@ItsTheSituation way to go you did something without asking permission first 🤣🤣🤣 #JSFamilyVacation
This was such a heart warming episode! I love this family! #JSFamilyVacation
Proud of @ItsTheSituation for his first attempt at skydiving!! The gender reveal in front of everybody was awesome, too! #JSFamilyVacation
Shout out to Mike, that gender reveal was amazing. #JSFamilyVacation
Congratulations @ItsTheSituation and @lauren_pesce for a baby 🏽: Mia Bella! #JSFamilyVacation
@ItsTheSituation Can’t lie, I shed some tears at the end of this episode. #JSFamilyVacation

Vinny and Pauly D took the help of Chris and Zack for the gender reveal

Pauly and Vinny were supposed to distract Mike and take him to the skydiving location, so they took the help of Deena’s husband Chris Buckner and Jenni’s fiancé Zack Carpinello.


They asked them to get a box from an unknown person and hand it over to them without peeking into it. It gave them some Godfather vibes, and they knew they had to do it to be “included” in the inner circle.

They were able to get the box and reach the location in time. Mike crossed 19 airport signs before realizing where they were heading as he could not stop talking about his Twitter feud with Angelina.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation airs on MTV every Thursday at 8 pm ET.


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