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An ARMY shares her terrifying experience with a fansite at BTS' offline concert, warns others

Afreen Khan

For many a great experience, BTS’ offline concert turned sour for some. One ARMY shared her experience of being physically assaulted by a fansite who sneaked in a professional camera at BTS' concert. The fan, Ashlee, shared her horrifying experience on day two of the Permission to Dance On Stage concert, warning other fans about the fansite and asking them to report her if they encountered her.

Ashlee narrated the entire event of the fansite hitting her camera against her and other fan's heads. She even shared that she called security and the fansite ran off before they could arrive.


“She pushed me down really hard,” narrated an ARMY sharing her experience at BTS’ offline Permission to Dance On Stage concert

A clash broke out between a fan and a fansite present at BTS' offline concert on November 29. BTS’ concert would have been a magical experience if not for the couple of fansites who ruined it for Ashlee (@crispykooky on Instagram, Twitter). She shared her experience, stating that a fansite and friend sneaked in professional cameras into the venue. If that still seems harmless, their actions weren't.

Today at the BTS Permission to Dance (PTD), a girl next to me and I were rudely ambushed by a fansite. She kept sticking her huge camera next to us and hitting our heads with it. They say in our seats and didn’t care when we kept telling them to get our. She then pushed me hard +
12:26 PM · Nov 28, 2021

Ashlee made a detailed thread of the incident, sharing that the fansite's camera kept bumping into her and other fans' heads. She explained that the fansite and her friend got into the VIP section stealing other fans’ seats. During concerts, the audience usually stands up to have fun, leaving seats vacant. The girls took advantage of it and sat in people's seats, squishing themselves between others.

Hi everyone! Wow I didn’t expect this to blow up but something I want to clarify is that when she realized we were about to call security, that’s when she pushed me down trying to escape. Even so, she still should have NOT been in the VIP section. She didn’t have vip tickets.
12:38 PM · Nov 29, 2021
To the point where I fell and hit my chair so hard. That’s when I lost it and screamed at her to get lost and we screamed for security. These fansites will do anything to get the perfect shot even at the expense of others. If you encounter fansites do what you have to protect +
12:28 PM · Nov 28, 2021
Yourself. I felt like I was physically assaulted by her when she pushed me down. I also exposed her face because she most likely will come to tomorrow’s concert and if you see her REPORT HER. She will most likely do this to someone tomorrow and it was very disrespectful.
12:29 PM · Nov 28, 2021

Ashlee also shared that the fansite tried to squish by not paying heed to her camera bumping into their heads. She further added that the person pushed her down when she realized Ashlee was trying to get the security’s attention and escaped.

When Ashlee posted about her experience on TikTok too, the ARMY that the fansite tried squishing in between found her video and commented, confirming the incident. Soon, other ARMYs at the BTS concert which saw the commotion also spoke up.

I would also like to mention, the girl who looked down at her with the tote bag is her friend. I’m not sure if she’s a fansite, but she also did steal another fans seat as you can see she’s standing in someone else’s seat. So there were in fact TWO girls there.
12:52 PM · Nov 29, 2021
Hi everyone. I recently posted this video on TikTok and it reached my seat mate. So for those who wanted proof some sort of proof that she did assault us at the BTS concert, here it is.
7:28 AM · Nov 30, 2021

Since the incident blew up, fans have furiously tagged SoFi Stadium, expressing their discontent at the poor security. Considering the security team had previously been questioned for their dangerous mistreatment, letting fansites sneak in huge cameras led many to question whether SoFi Stadium was equipped to handle such crowds.

@crispykooky @SoFiStadium if “businesses” like this (fansites - these are NOT fans) can enter your premises & smuggle big cameras & lenses & you cannot catch them at the door. Be ready to evict them once fans point them out. Be looking for them! They are dangerous! #sofistadiumStepUp
12:42 PM · Nov 29, 2021
@crispykooky I was in the 400s and there was a Jimin fansite right in front of me! They were nice at least and never in the way, but they just snuck the camera in a blanket! security guard probably didn’t bother checking the blanket the camera came wrapped up in…
two girls in front of me brought in a camcorder 419 row 2
8:13 AM · Nov 29, 2021

However, multiple fansites shared their experiences of being caught by the security too. HYBE recently issued a warning for fans carrying professional cameras to film HD content of the concert illegally.

With two days of BTS' concert remaining (December 1 and 2), the stadium’s security team will get a chance to redeem their reputation in front of the ARMYs again.

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